Mortal Kombat Cheats

Genesis Cheats

All Blood and Fatalities

You may have thought that the blood was taken out of the Genesis home version of Mortal Kombat. Well, it's no more Mr. Nice Guy, because this code will give you all of the blood and original fatalities as they were meant to be, from the arcade! Here is how to do it. When you see the screen come up that talks about "Codes of Honor," do this code with controller 1: A, B, A, C, A, B, B. After you do this, the words on the screen will have a red tint, and you will hear Scorpion's voice say, "Get over here." This will confirm that the trick worked. Choose your characters for a one or two-player fight. Now, begin your match. You will now notice that when you do certain powerful moves, the blood will fly, just as it does in the arcade! If you do a fatality to your opponent (depending on the character), you will notice that some of them have changed, and have more gore than before! Now, all of the original play of the arcade is back in the home version of the game!

SNES Cheats

Cheat mode

Press Down, Up, Left(2), A, Right, Down at the main menu.

Fight as Goro

Complete the game. When the text "The End" appears, hold Up/Left + Select + A until the title screen appears. Press Start to begin a new game.

Fight against Reptile

Play the game until reaching the Pit. Achieve a double Flawless victory without blocks and perform a fatality to end the match.

Fatality Glitch

Start a two-player game. Choose Sub-Zero as your character. In the match, let the second player just sit dormant and take the hits. Let Sub-Zero defeat his opponent in the first round. In Round 2, have Sub-Zero get his opponent down on energy until his/her energy bar has just a little bit of green showing. Sub-Zero should then freeze his opponent enough times so the message that tells you to finish your opponent appears. Do your finishing move. Sub-Zero will freeze and hit his opponent, but he/she will still be standing up, and wobbling behind the ice. It is an awesome glitch to see!

Game Genie Blood Code

The blood is back, oh's the Mortal Kombat blood code for Game Genie. Yes, it's true. In a response to the "Most Wanted Trick," a reader has sent in a code that turns the grey sweat in the game red, so it looks like blood! At the Game Genie Code Screen, enter:BDB4-DD07.

Pro Action Replay Code

You must have a Pro Action Replay peripheral to make these codes work.

To have invincibility in Mortal Kombat, enter these three codes at the Pro Action Replay password screen:

  • 7E04-C158+7E04-B9A1 +7E04-BD58

You will get a Double Flawless victory every time.

Get To Reptile

To get to Reptile, fight your way to The Pit stage. When you get there, you must not get hit or use the block button at all. You must get a Double Flawless victory and do your Finishing Move on your opponent. If you do everything correctly, he will reveal himself and you will have to fight him in The Pit!

All Finishing Moves

Listed below are the finishing moves for every character. Follow these precise instructions of the pad movements.

Here are the finishing moves for every character.

  • KANO: Away, Down, Toward, B (You must be very close to your opponent.)
  • JOHNNY CAGE: Toward, Toward, Toward, Y
  • LIU KANG: Beginning Down on the pad, make a complete circle toward your opponent.
  • RAYDEN: Toward, Toward, Away, Away, Away, Y (You must be very quick and close to your opponent).
  • SUB-ZERO: Toward, Down, Toward, Y
  • SCORPION: Hold any button, Up, Up
  • SONYA: From anywhere press: Toward, Toward, Away, Away, R button

Sega Master System Cheats

All Blood and Fatalities

It's true! Now you can put in a code to give you the blood and fatalities on the Game Gear portable system! To do this, wait for a few screens in the beginning of the game that talk about "Codes of Honor." When you get to the last screen that asks you if the game contains any codes, press the pad and the buttons in this order: 2, 1, 2, DOWN, UP. You will then be confirmed that the trick worked. Play a normal game with any character and start fighting. You will see that with certain powerful moves, the blood will be flying! The fatalities are also more like the arcade version with this code. Hook up a cable and another Game Gear, and you'll have a two player portable fighting fest including the gore.