6-in-1 Caltron

The game was published by Caltron Ind. Inc in North America, and was released in 1992. Though, some of the games had already been released in Europe, in 1991 on individual unlicensed Nintendo Entertainment System cartridges. These six games are:

  • Bookyman. This game is a clone of arcade game Make Trax/Crush Roller;
  • Adam and Eve. This single-screen platform game is quite like Nintendo's Balloon Fight. There you have to kill snakes, bursting the balloons attached to their heads;
  • Cosmos Cop. Quite similar to Sega's Space Harrier in a futuristic setting;
  • Magic Carpet 1001. Another side-scrolling shooter, released later on pirate cartridges ("Aladdin III" and "Super Harry Potter", with some graphical and sound modifications);
  • Balloon Monster. This game is a clone of Mitchell's Pang;
  • Porter. This is a puzzle game, comparable to Sokoban. Here you have to move boxes into a specific place.

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