We're Back! - A Dinosaur's Tale

a game by Funcom

Platform: Sega GenesisGenesis

Genres: Educational/Kids, Platformer

Back from the past is the incredible age of Dinosaurs! Hence, tons of prehistoric pounding games and movies. This title is based on a soon-to-be-released animated movie. You are in control of the lead dinosaur that is battling against the evil Professor Screweyes (love that name) who has captured your buddies! But to aid you on your journey, you are given a Brain Bran Cereal that makes your intelligence skyrocket. Now you have the smarts to take out the evil Prof once and for all!

The game is set up in a run and jump action title. You have the ability to chuck cereal boxes, bowling balls, and other nifty little trinkets at your enemies - the dino-henchmen of Professor Screweyes. There are secrets in all the levels that lead to many different power-ups like skateboards, spring boards, and other cool items. This one should definitely please any fan of the upcoming animated movie!

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