Accele Brid

a game by Tomy

Platform: SNESSNES

Genre: Action

See also: Racing Games

Accele Brid was a November 1993 release in Japan; created and produced by Tomy. This is a highly active; three dimension racing game where robotic warriors race through pipes and shoot everything that moves. The player can have these warriors shoot and kick with their arms, as well as, punch. Each player collects bonuses and power-ups in order for the robot to upgrade its weapons and armory. It can also morph into an airplane that allows the player’s robot to fly versus jumping. The music for this game was by Nubuo Uematsu, who created a twelve-song soundtrack that consists of a series of random beeps and clicks. The game is in a third person perspective and falls under the Arcade, BattleMech, and Shooter categories. There is radar located at the bottom of the screen, in which you must use in order to survive. There are also six different weapons and several various possible endings.

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