Aerial Assault

a game by Sega

Platforms: Sega Master SystemSega Master SystemGameGear

Genres: Action, Shooting Games

  • Manufacturer: Sega
  • Machine: SMS

R. Stewart of Cleveland, Ohio, has found a way to get nine men and 99 bombs at any time. Simply press and hold U on Controller 2, and then pres 1, 2, 1 on Controller 2. A "T" should appear in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. When you begin play, press Button 1 to get nine men and Button 2 to get 99 bombs. From that point, you can press either button at any time to max out the numbers.

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Aerial Assault Downloads

Sega Master System Aerial Assault download
  • Manufacturer: Sega
  • Machine: Game Gear
  • Difficulty: Average
  • Available: 1992
  • No. of Levels: 4
  • Theme: Shooter

Bombs away!

Hang on to your hats Game Gear owners, Aerial Assault is coming. Your trigger finger will never be the same! This is a shooter of mythical proportions, with enough power-ups and weapons to keep even the most seasoned gamer happy. Collect weapons while your ship becomes a flying arsenal. Great graphics, huge end bosses and scrolling backgrounds add to the excitement of this already intense shooter. For an added challenge, try the two player mode. Take to the skies with Aerial Assault and earn your wings like never before!

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