Aero Blasters

a game by Kaneko

Platform: Sega GenesisGenesis

Genres: Flying, Shooting Games

See also: Aero Games

Aero Blasters

  • Manufacturer: NEC
  • Machine: TG-16

To get art extra-credit mode, during the title screen, press R, SELECT, R, SELECT, R, SELECT. Press U or D to select the number of continues, from zero to nine. For a sound test, press SELECT one more time at the end.

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Aero Blasters Downloads

Sega Genesis Aero Blasters download
  • Machine: NEC

The title of this game tells you it won't be a peace mission. Still, as you pilot your supercharged fighter jet off the runway, you have no idea of the intense battles ahead. In moments, the friendly skies will be filled with odd-looking aircraft of various descriptions. For the next six stages, you'll be seeing quite a few of them.

There's no way to calculate how many bombs, bullets, and missiles are fired at you in Aero Blasters - numbers just don't run that high. Clearly, the game's designers were determined to cram every scrolling inch of screen space with more and more enemies armed with larger and deadlier weapons. In most sections of the game, you're being targeted from all directions at once.

Not that you're left helpless in this hostile airspace. The Aero Blaster is a nifty little jet, capable of fancy maneuvering and constant firing. Also, you can take advantage of the Weapon Transport Pods that appear throughout the game. WTPs resemble floating trash cans, but they actually contain power-ups. By collecting these special weapons, you can customize your Aero Blaster to make it more effective in the particular area you're flying through.

You begin the game by protecting the skies above a threatened city. Another stage takes you inside a mechanized cave deep underground. You'll spend the latter part of the game in outer space and on other planets. The elaborate graphics help make it a detailed and colorful tour of duty. By demanding a variety of arcade skills, the game remains fresh throughout.

For one or two players, this is running and gunning of the first order. If you enjoy the thrill of aerial pursuit, Aero Blasters puts you in the thick of action and keeps you there until your teeth rattle.

reggie posted a review

Kaneko's popular arcade shooter is being converted for both the Genesis and TurboGrafx 16 home systems! In this side view, horizontal shooter you must eliminate all the aliens who have taken over the Earth. Game play gets intense but your more than a match for any enemy as your firepower can be built up in 10 steps! You'll need it all too, when you have to go up against the huge, full screen, end of round battle cruisers! Take a friend along as this is one of the few good 2 player cooperative shooters!

reggie posted a review

Aero Blasters is a horizontally scrolling shoot 'em up arcade game released by Kaneko in 1990, licensed to Namco. You control a fighter jet and shoot enemies, collect power-ups, and defeat bosses to advance levels.

It was released for the NEC PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 as Aero Blasters. The following year it was released on the Sega Genesis in the United States as Air Buster. As a console game this title had the distinction of being two player simultaneous. This was rare among side scrolling shooters on home consoles. All games in the Thunder Force, Gradius, and R-Type series were only 1 player on the home consoles.

reggie posted a review

Like Hellfire, Aeroblasters wasn't an arcade hit due to its rather unoriginal gameplay and uninspiring looks. But it has translated to the Megadrive well, and provides plenty of double player death and destruction. My only gripe is that it's easy to complete on the standard level because of the heap of continues, and to get a decent challenge you have to set the difficulty level to maximum. Still, if you're prepared to do that, Aeroblasters is a thoroughly enjoyable and good looking (some of the parallax-backgrounds are superb) blaster which is well worth adding to your collection - as long as you haven't already got several games of this type already.

reggie posted a review

One of my local pubs had an Aero Blasters arcade cabinet back in the early 90's and I pumped plenty of pocket money into it whilst my parents drank the night away. Imagine my joy at discovering that this fine blaster had been ported to Sega's 16-bit box of tricks. I think the guys were pretty harsh on this game (although that is forgivable when you consider the volume of MD shooters being released at the time). It's a fine example of the genre, with nice colourful visuals, toe-tapping music and some original level ideas. The 'tunnel rush' sections are exciting and really get the heart pumping! Some of the boss designs are really first-class, and overall it's a very attractive piece of software. Granted, there are better shooters on the machine, but if you’ve sampled them all and want to add another blaster to your collection, I recommend you give Aero Blasters a chance.

reggie posted a review
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