Aggressive Inline

a game by Full Fat Productions

Platform: GBA

Genre: Sports

Take all your preconceived notions of Aggressive Inline and toss 'em out the window, especially if you have played Aggressive Inline on one of the major console systems.

This game could have been called any number of other titles and why they called it Aggressive Inline is beyond me. Other than the fact you play on roller blades, it has nothing to do with the original game that you've seen on the major console systems.

My first impression when I started up was that I was playing a strange version of the 80's arcade game, Paperboy. Is that really such a bad thing? Not at all. As it is, Aggressive Inline is a slick little title that tries to be something it isn't and darn near succeeds. Pretty decent controls coupled with a snappy A? view gives the player a certain experience that can be taken in doses of no more then 30 minutes. Much longer than that and the game starts to feel a bit repetitive and trite (so play sparingly). Instead of being a free-roaming, trick-infested, find-hidden-areas, go-for-gonzo-fun game, Aggressive Inline utilizes a timer and is much more linear. The original game's greatest strength was in its exploratory nature and sadly, the GBA version was left devoid of this aspect. Also unlike the original, the levels are much smaller and only require that you find some rather dull items to move along. With the cool formula the original had, it makes playing this game that much harder. Now this isn't to say that Aggressive Inline is a complete dud. Surprisingly, there is an audio song complete with lyrics that play through its entirety on the first level, an almost unheard of feature for a GBA title. Also, some gamers will find this to be quite a bit of fun what with the surprising amount of tricks you can perform.

In the end, if you never played any of the console versions, then you really don't have anything to compare it to and will probably enjoy this title. It's a hard sell to the gamers expecting similar gameplay from the original but Aggressive Inline is entertaining enough to keep extreme sports fans happy.

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