Alex Kidd - High Tech World

  • Type: Quest
  • Release: 07/01/1989
  • Difficulty: Avg.

Alex Kidd is back again with a whole new adventure that is very different from his two previous games.

This time Alex takes on the High Tech World in search of a map that will lead him to the local arcade. He must talk with the various people who populate High Tech World who will give clues and reward him with sections of the map. Action sequences are placed between the different rooms that Alex must explore to add greater depth to this quest game.

People say:


I was not overly impressed with Alex Kidd in High Tech World. I loved the first Alex Kidd game and felt that the second was too much of a kiddie game. The third try at Alex Kidd doesn't have enough action in the action scenes and the whole quest is slow and tedious. Not much fun.


For a 1 meg game, Alex Kidd is unbelievably complex. Not as much action as the first and no where near as simple as the second. The game consists of a large number of games within the game - a feature I especially like. This one is very hard - but the Pass Key and time limit helps out.


This one seems like a fun game, and it probably is if you're 5-12 year-old group. The graphics are good and I like the Alex Kidd theme, but for a quest game it is very easy. This one will hold your interest for a few minutes unless you're very young.


As a quest Alex Kidd has its good points, like requiring one step to be completed before the next can be attempted. The quests within the main quest are good and the Pass Word is extremely useful, especially when you're high into the game. The graphics are only average - good for a kiddie quest.

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