Alisia Dragoon

a game by Game Arts

Platform: Sega GenesisGenesis

Genres: Action, Adventure/RPG

Alisia Dragoon

Somewhat similar to the popular Valis series, Alicia has you exploring numerous lands in search of the magic crystals which have been stolen from your kingdom. Your magic is powerful and you'll need it as the enemy warriors are strong and attack relentlessly.

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Unless he is stopped, Bal- dour the prince of evil will once again awake from his state of dormancy, descend upon Earth, and relentlessly terrorize all living creatures. Only one woman can put an end to Baldour's reign of terror -- Alisia Dragoon!

Alisia's gathered together a band of fighting Monsters. With them by her side, she sets out to find Baldour's cocoon and destroy it before he stirs from his sleep.

Long Road to Victory

Alisia Dragoon is one of the finest looking Sega products of the year. Seven rough- and-tumble stages, and the final faceoff round with the supreme dirtbag himself, Baldour, keep Alisia and her monsters up to their eyeballs in action.

An Electrifying Woman

Quick and nimble, Alisia's capable of jumping and ducking. While in motion, she can also launch impressive electrical jolts called Thunder Magic. From the get-go, Thunder Magic easily fries enemies. However, by collecting Level-Ups, Alisia's thunderous blasts become even more devastating.

Other tasty power-boosters include: HP Ups which increase the number of hits Alisia can take; icons that provide her with temporary invincibility; and Potions which restore her life meter.

ProTip: In Stage 2, make your way to the third staircase. Before you descend, jump over to the ledge on your immediate right Move along this passage until you hit an area with gray stone columns. Jump up to land in a secret chamber that's filled with goodies.

Pet Hicks

Alisia's monstrous companions each have their own unique fire power. You can call upon a Monster whenever you choose, or you can travel alone. Monster's are accessed via a menu, which appears in the far right comer of your screen.

Although they never stray far from your side, Monsters march to their own drummer by flying around and launching attacks at will. At times, Monsters will even jump right into the line of fire. Unfortunately, they aren't impervious to damage. In fact, they can be fatally wounded. It's up to you to build up each Monster's Hit Points, as well as distribute life-restoring Power-ups to them.

If you blow it and one of your Monsters bites the dust, all's not lost. If you're lucky enough to find one, you can revive a deceased beast via Revive icons.

  • Be prepared to move back quickly when you blast the floating rock creatures. They shoot deadly shrapnel in all directions when they explode.
  • During the first level, build each of Alisia's Monster's Hit Points up to Level Three.
  • Travel alone during the molten lava areas of Stage Five. Monsters take damage when they fly anywhere near lava.

Monster Mash

Alisia Dragoon is one monster party that Genesis players won't wanna' miss. It's loaded with all the good things you want. You can expect handsome graphics, responsive game control, and thumb-burning challenge. Go ahead, behave like a monster. Alisia will love you for it.

reggie posted a review

This unusual title features action/adventure style gaming starring a heroine -- Alisia Dragoon. Alisia's palace is attacked by marauding monsters bent on destroying all of humanity. She's out to save the day with the assistance of her four stout companions: Fire Dragon, Thunderbird, Boomerang Lizard, and Power Burst. Alisia totes a multi-directional, auto-targeting energy beam as her weapon and fights in tandem with each of the four creature-helpers, who have unique attack weapons of their own.

reggie posted a review

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