Williams Arcade's Greatest Hits

a game by Digital Eclipse Software

Platforms: Sega GenesisGenesisSNESSNES

Genre: Action

See also: Arcade Games

Revivals of old arcade games are the rage. Unlike Namco's Museum games, Williams Arcade's Greatest Hits adds nothing new to these average '80s games.

Of the classics here—Defender, Defender II, Joust, Robotron, and Sinistar—Robotron comes off best with its swarming enemies that create genuine suspense.

In all the games, the graphics are simple and the sounds add little. The controls are hit-and-miss, especially in Defender where there's lots to do but your shots and warps are often ineffective.

Old games have their place in history, but not in 1997. "Old' doesn't always equal "classic."


  • In Defender, save your smart bombs for lots of swarming enemies.
  • In Robotron, quickly grab the hostages, then obliterate the robots.

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