Arkanoid: Doh it Again

a game by Taito

Platform: SNESSNES

Genre: Arcade Classics

Arkanoid: Doh it again is an arcade game and part of the long running Arkanoid series which spawned many clones as well as spin offs.

There is not much of a story behind the game, other than the fact that you are Vaus, a tiny space pod which has escaped after its mother ship, Arkanoid, was destroyed. You are now stuck in a very strange and twisted dimension, and you must try to find your way back.

The gameplay of Arkanoid could not be any simpler. You control Vaus, which sits at the bottom of the screen. You then launch a ball towards layers of colourful bricks in order to destroy them and any enemies that appear on the screen. The goal is to have the ball rebound by striking it repeatedly; failing to catch it will cause you to lose a life, but you can try as many times as you want since losing all lives will only make you restart the level, not the whole game. Arkanoid also has a password system that allows you to play from any level you want.

There are various power ups available throughout the game that increase the speed of the ball or the size of Vaus, but sometimes you may want to avoid these, as you can have only one power up active at a time. Some of the more useful power ups are the ones that allow you to shoot the bricks directly and the one that splits the ball in to many, wreaking havoc on the field.

One of the most interesting aspects is the inclusion of boss fights. Story wise (if you can call it that), you fight the same boss, only it becomes stronger. At first it is just a string of giant beads that coil and shoot you; the second version is just a Moai head which spawns smaller minions and also shoots you; the final version is a combination of the previous two and it also has the ability to swap the playing field and the controls.

There isn’t much to say about Arkanoid’s graphics, music or sounds since it is the kind of game where the gameplay matters the most. Still, the levels are very interesting and designed to be solved like a puzzle, instead of just smashing colourful bricks over and over.

In the end, it all boils down to its simplicity and potential for addiction. It is simply one of those games where you set out to play just a few rounds only to discover that you have been playing for over an hour.

Arkanoid: Doh it again features:

  • 100 levels with different layouts
  • 3 different types of boss fights that get gradually more difficult
  • Password system to continue whenever you want

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In the 1997 release of the breakout video game also known as Arkanoid 3 or Arkanoid: Doh it Again, man a scout ship that is in search of a new planet for younger generations in habitat. However, Doh – an evil character – is causing havoc by scattering blocks throughout the solar system. Your goal is to destroy the blocks in order to reach the planets in hopes of seeking out one that is suitable for a colony. The object of the game is to clear the screen of formations of rectangular bricks. You can achieve this by bouncing a ball with a small paddle once to destroy a majority of the blocks. However, some require greater force and skill to destroy, and appear invincible, making it equally difficult to get the other blocks. After you have conquered all ten levels, then you must face three end level bosses - a giant centipede, Doh’s head, and last, all of Doh’s body -three times. In this single and multiplayer platform, developed by Taito, there are 99 levels designed for SNES gaming systems.

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