A.S.P.: Air Strike Patrol

a game by Seta
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Hostilities have broken out in the Persian Gulf. Piloting the speedy F-15 Strike Eagle, or the A-10 Thunderbolt, you must hammer the enemy airbases and ground targets in support of your forces. Digitized cinemas and realistic sampled sounds add pure excitement to the hot military action. Don't blow your missions, or the outcome of the war could be changed. Desert Fighter is better than the real thing.

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Air Strike Patrol dishes out air combat and strategy... especially strategy. This game isn't for hyperactive thumb jockeys. The action is fierce, but lengthy planning and mission evaluation slow the pace.

ProTip: Always knock out as much enemy equipment and armament as you can, whether they're Mission Targets or not.

You pilot two jets through eight desert missions. The jets steal the graphics show: Although they move slowly, they look sharp from every angle.

The sensitive controls require finesse and poise under pressure. To make a 360-degree turn or a quick S-curve, you must carefully roll your thumb around the directional pad. With interceptors on your tail, it's tough not to make a fatal error.

For serious airware buffs that have flown EA's Strike games and F-15 Strike Eagle, ASP is your next objective.

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Air Strike Patrol is an Isometric shooter game developed by SETA in 1995. It was then adapted for the European market by the game developer System 3, who released it under the name Desert Fighter. This military style game, based in part on the Gulf War in the 1990s, is a single player game. The player is a pilot in an airstrike patrol, which strives to stop Zarak from invading Sweit and makes efforts to end the war. After choosing between flying an A-10 or F-15, the pilot then engages in dogfights, recon missions, and air to land attacks. As an Air Force Commander - the player’s job is to spearhead the counterattack and restore peace to the homeland. The player also is in command of high-tech planes, state of the art weapons, and must destroy radar sites and chemical weapon planes of the enemy. There are eight missions in all with various endings based on the player’s performance level during the game. The player receives updates through news broadcasts by an animated news station. This game is a simulation that challenges your flying skills and abilities.

reggie posted a review

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