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Genres: Action, Platformer

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Asterix the Gaul's a well-known cartoon character in France. On the order of his leader, Vitalstatistix, Asterix has to free his buddy, the warrior Obelix, who's being held in Rome.

This game features very easy action/adventure-style play. Asterix walks, flies, swims, drives a wagon, and jumps through the five Acts (each with different scenes).10

ProTip: Look for Laurels -- they're 1-ups.

Although the game's main character is cute, the graphics are very simple by current 16- bit standards, and the music is cutesy and annoying.

Look to the right to avoid nasty falls.

There just isn't enough to the game play to enable Asterix to stand sandal to sandal against some of the great action/adventure fare currently available. Asterix may capture Rome, but he's not gonna take the video game world by storm.

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  • Theme: Action

Asterix the Gaul, a popular character in Europe, is finally making his way here to the States. Try to save your land from the might of the Romans. Use your sword and special icons to get through the many levels. This game looks just like a cartoon. If you like action, Asterix the Gaul offers plenty.

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Its 50 B.C., your small town has been able to hold ground against enemy forces that are trying to take over. As Asterix, you are getting prepared to go on one of the most important journeys of your life. Elected officials have chosen you to embark on an adventure that will have you engaging in many fights against the all-powerful Caesar and his henchmen. Through this forty-seven level game, you will travel through many countries such s Egypt, the Alps, Acropolis, and the entire continent of Europe. Keep sharp, however, and look for coins, power ups, various potions, and special leaves that might help you fly. This European comic book favorite, published by the Infogames Group, is compatible for hours of gaming fun on Super Nintendo Entertainment Systems. Now the question that remains is; do you have the “Gaul” to save this city from the Romans?

reggie posted a review
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