Atv Quad Power Racing

a game by Tantalus Interactive Pty, and Acclaim

Platforms: PlaystationGBA

Genre: Racing

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Acclaim is pumping out the high-quality niche racers these days. First it's RC Revenge, then Ferrari F355, and now it's ATV: Quad Power Racing. Developed by Climax Studios, the physics in this dirt-tracker are excellent, with riders bending at all the right moments, and recoiling from the impact like they would in real life. You can take on Championship, single race, time attack, or a two-player mode, all while racing against five other riders on a dozen outdoor tracks. Mountain, snow and desert terrain are featured, and offer pro routes for players who have beaten the regular circuits. Twelve different quads are selectable and a hidden Super Quad can be unlocked once all the Pro Championships have been won. ATV Quad Power Racing will land in stores this August.

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If Acclaim's goal was to make a game that's too easy, ATV: Quad Power Racing should be considered a success.

Judging by the amount of racing games on any given system, it really takes a game with that special something to rise above the rest of the competition and leave them in the proverbial dust. ATV, although a moderately solid title, offers the same kinds of features that every one else offers different racing classes, ten different tracks and nine varied ATVs.

Herein lays the first of what I see as two big problems: the game is neither new, nor is it exciting. Case in point'even though there are many different bikes, there just isn't that much performance difference between them all. The same can also be said of the tracks. Never do you really feel that you are racing an ATV since the tracks never go off road nor do they vary in their twists and turns.

Which brings me to the second of the two problems plaguing the game, as it is, if your 'all terrain'? vehicle even slightly leaves the grooved path, you slow down to a snail's pace. It just makes no sense, how can you have an all terrain vehicle racing game, where you are penalized if you go off road?

Now don't get me wrong, I didn't hate the game. As a matter of fact, when I first started playing it I thought that it was a nice little title and that it would be something I would put in my 'travel'? bag. But then the problems caught up with me in a big hurry. Yeah the controls were nice and tight and the game certainly has nice graphics, but it was way too easy for my liking. Then the two problems I discussed earlier began grating on my already frayed nerves.

As it is, I can't even recommend this one to racing fans, because it really is too easy and the game makers missed the bus on the whole decoration:All decoration:Terrain decoration: Vehicle' racing portion of the game. Take a pass.

reggie posted a review
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