Baby's Day Out

a game by Designer Software

Platform: Sega GenesisGenesis

Genre: Puzzles & Words

If you're among the few fans of summer's movie dud Baby's Day Out, you might like this slow-paced game.

Kidnappers snag the baby, but he escapes and goes for some adventures. You're a helper who guides the crawler through simple point-and-click problems like moving blocks around so he can reach new heights within the time limit. The puzzles aren't tough, but an inaccurate, loosely floating cursor makes them a challenge.

ProTip: Surround the baby with orange blocks so he's forced to climb up these stairs.

The graphics are decent. The baby and kidnappers are stiff-moving digitized sprites, while the backgrounds are clean and colorful. Unfortunately, the music plods, and the baby doesn't make any funny noises.

Young gamers might like this slow baby, but veteran gamers will let the kidnappers keep him.

Nail the kidnappers before the baby crawls through the gates.

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