a game by Rare, Ltd.

Platform: Nintendo 64Nintendo 64

Genre: Action

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If you haven't heard of this game by now, then where have you been for the past year? The show gave us an invaluable opportunity to see just how this game is shaping up and it's looking great! Especially, the sections where Banjo and Kazooie split up.

The moves remain the same as in the first game when they're together but apart it's a whole different ball game! Banjo without Kazooie can use his now empty backpack as a weapon or as an air storage device for underwater exploration! Kazooie without Banjo on the other hand becomes an aerial master who could put the Red Arrows to shame!

There's no word yet on how this game will interact with the original Banjo Kazooie but the word on the show floor was that it is likely to involve 'hot swapping' the carts! This would involve taking one cart out and replacing it with another mid-game! Banjo Tooie is due out over here in October.

First Impressions

More of the same - nuff said! We don't know what you were all expecting from Banjo-Tooie, but it really is just a remixed version of the original Banjo-Tooie game. This was really to be expected though - especially as the new game is supposed to interact with the original title.

The similarity isn't a bad thing though - because you've got loads of new puzzles to sort out and terrain to explore. This is a 'must have' game!

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