Bare Knuckle 2

a game by Sega, and Yuzo Koshiro

Platform: Sega GenesisGenesis

Genre: Fighting Games

See also: Bare Knuckle Games

This is coolest action featuring three ex-cops Axel Adam and Blaze who fight against tough bastards. Their arch enemy mister X who has turned the city in battlefield abducts one of the heroes in the act of revenge. In response to this brazen move the rest of good guys team up (now they are four) to help his friend. So now this is a real disaster for evil for the rage of our heroes knows no limits.

It's by no means a boring game. These games were originally released in Japan. This means lots of blood and adrenaline. All the heroes are specific and skillful with lots of combos (about 40). The music by Yuzo Koshiro adds up to success of the game.

This game was released as Streets of Rage 2 in the USA.

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