Bass Masters Classic Pro Edition

a game by Black Pearl Software, and Malibu Games

Platforms: Sega GenesisGenesisSNESSNES

Genres: Sports, Simulation

See also: Bass Masters Games, Bass Games

Bass Masters Classic Pro Edition

Though Bass Masters Classic Pro Edition won't win new fans to the sport, hard-core video fisherpersons will be hooked.

Gameplay is simple: You launch lures in a tournament to amass fish flesh against a rapidly running clock. The fishing's fun and the wily bass are biting faster and more furiously than ever.

ProTips: Upgrade lures according to season and water conditions. Buy the best reels and the strongest line, too.

The visuals have fishy flair. Fisherfolk will dig the cool underwater gameplay view, which is reminiscent of lure commercials on cable TV. The fish graphics and animations are sharp, too. Nice bass.

There are a mess of bass fishing games out there, but Bass Masters Classic Pro Edition is easily a keeper.

Hooking any fish that's not a bass wastes valuable time. Recast if another fish is near your lure.

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Bass Masters Classic Pro Edition Downloads

Sega Genesis Bass Masters Classic Pro Edition download

Feel you are a hardcore Fisherman; then try your skills at Bass Masters Classic Pro Edition. Released in 1995 by gaming group Malibu and by Black Pearl, this dual mode game contains real fishing companies like Ranger Boats, Evinrude Motors, and many more. The dual mode option allows you to fish as an inexperienced Fisherman or choose to be a Bass Master such as Tom Mann Jr. and Hank Parker. After you have made your mind up as to which mode you will test your skills at, you will then venture to the Bait and Tackle shop, where you have a variety of fishing equipment to purchase. Next, test your skills in the Practice Pond or enjoy your fishing experience in the tournament challenge. Take your boat to the spot you think is the best place to make your catch, then toss your fishing line out and watch the overhead camera go to an underwater view. Tease the fish into grabbing the fishing lure, and then reel in the fish in this skill building Pro Edition.

reggie posted a review

For many people fishing is a sport, no less fascinating than football or videogames. For such fishermen the society B.A.S.S. (Black Anglers Sportsman Society of America) conducts the championships under various formulas on a regular basis... One of them -- the classic -- lies down in a in the origin of this game.

If you have no fishing rod or time to catch some fish, this game is made for you. It’s not easy to win Best Fisherman Tournament. You will need not only special equipment (rods, sinkers, bait, boat motors) but also a great deal of patience.

Your objective is to catch exactly five fishes of the weight as heavy as possible. If you catch a sixth fish bigger than any of those earlier caught you leave it, and throw out an old one. However, after weighing you should let go all other fishes. But don’t think that this tournament is for "interest" only -- the winner gets the prize of 200 thousand dollars. And there could be many winners -- B.A.S.S. doesn't have their own club of millionaires for nothing.

The training mode for unskilled players is also available. Because to catch a big fish requires some of luck and skill. The game is capable to carry you away for an uncertain time, besides the graphics and the sound are quite decent.

reggie posted a review
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