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The best way I found to swallow the cost of this game is to think of it this way: You're buying a CD full of cartoon episodes with a so-so driving game included to break up the animated sequences. The video quality of the animation is definitely Sega CD quality (read that as pixelated). but that's easier to tolerate than the game, which is nothing more than a very boring driving game that suddenly gets horrifyingly hard at the worst possible moments. Slightly above average.


Batman & Robin is one of the few really good cartoons on television. Too bad I can't say much about this game. Although I am a big fan of driving games. I just couldn't get into this game. The graphics were too pixelated and some oncoming objects hamper your vision of the road too much and that's frustrating, even with the decent play control. The cinemas in between the levels kept me playing. They were very entertaining. This should have been an action game.


Batman & Robin is a decent game for the Sega CD. The graphics are surprisingly good, and the full-motion video, taken directly from the cartoon isn't all that bad. Batman & Robin is loaded with driving action; while fun, tends to get frustrating. It limits itself in what it can throw at you. The trees in the road stop you from seeing ahead, really throwing you off. I'd have to say that this is one of the better Sega CD titles around. Besides, there aren't many CD games around.


At first I thought it was going to be just an upgrade to the Genesis version, but once t found out it was actually a driving game I really wished for the old game back. It's not that the driving is bad. but for a game of this type it gets repetitive and needs a few more weapons. Clearly the best part of the game is the true-to-cartoon cinemas, which are long and reproduced with great voices. Driving fans may take it to heart a bit more than I, but there is no questioning the cinemas.

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