Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

The Dark Knight creeps up on the N64 unnoticed but he's not quite the Gotham City hero you might be expecting. Batman Beyond is based on the cartoon series of the same name, which stars not Bruce Wayne but an all new futuristic hero who has donned the Dark Knight mantle. This is a good thing, because it means we get to play with his new gadgets including Dark Knight discs and a lovely pair of nunchakas!

Similar to Fighting Force 64, the gameplay basically involves fighting and takes place in a variety of locations. This includes the Gotham Aerospace Research centre, which the Joker and his clown gang have invaded. Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker's gameplay recalls the classic Streets Of Rage or Double Dragon games, as most of the action takes place on side-scrolling levels. Let's hope that Batman manages to better the last comic outing Superman - but let's face it that won't be difficult!

First Impressions

Wahey! 64 Magazine are big fans of Batman and if you read our Dragon Sword feature a few issues ago, then you'll know that we're rather partial to progressive beat-'em-ups too, so this game went down a treat! However, we're reserving judgement until we get hold of the final code, because Fighting Force originally looked good and then turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. We're definitely waiting for this game with baited breath though... it can't fail, can it?

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