Battle Clash

a game by Intelligent Systems

Platform: SNESSNES

Genre: Multiplayer/Hotseat

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If you think professional wrestling, tractor pulls, and roller derbies are cheesy, you ain't seen nothin' yet. In the 21st century, the successor to those Big Foot vs. Bigger Foot monster truck showdowns is an attraction called Battle Clash. Two humans suit up in giant robot mechs and fight to the death. Guess who's the next lucky contestant?

Clash of the Titans

Battle Clash by Nintendo is a somewhat strategic one-on-one shoot-em-up for the SNES Super Scope. Although not particularly deep or complicated, it's a fun, visually appealing game for one or two alternating players.

ProTip: Put up or shut up when you face these guys!

As Clasher Mike Anderson, you're out to avenge your father, who was defeated by a mysterious honor-wrecker named Anubis. You battle through a tough-as-nails lineup of ill-tempered warriors. These guys have the personalities of truck drivers. Their mean machines are bad to the bolt. Some crawl, some walk, some fly, and all shoot.

In the nine Clashes, you take a first- person look at the opposition and attempt to pick apart their weaknesses as you intercept incoming fire. You get normal bullets, the big bang Charge Shot, Bombs, Lasers, limited use of the Cursor function, a Shield, and a power-up. The two-button control is flawless. Your enemies even bust some smooth moves of their own, such as Edward's disappearing act and Lorca's dance attack.

  • Tasha's deceptively fast. Counter her shots with machine gun fire and toss Bombs when she slows down for a midair breather.
  • Nail Alfred's three orbs with maxi- mum-powered charge blasts. Once he's defenseless, blow off his pinhead.

Battle Clash is suspiciously similar to a Genesis game called Death Duel, but in many ways superior. The speedy-scrolling visuals give this game a constant feeling of motion. The color shading is good. The enemies can be truly massive, and the music score is a finger-snapper. However, don't expect to see any blood gushing when you dismember your enemies.

One Night Only! One Night Only!

Battle Clash is an evening's entertainment. Rearranging the enemies' body structure is a thrill-a-minute, but it doesn't last forever. Adjustable challenge means this game's for gamers of all levels, but unlimited continues take you to the end quickly.

There is a semblance of a story line behind Battle Clash, but it's really 100% pure, senseless violence. Ain't it great? If you stomp and whistle whenever you see the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling or a really intense pig radio, Battle Clash is probably worth the price of admission.

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If you would like to change the difficulty setting of this game, plug in the first controller pad and go to the title screen and press the top L button and the SELECT button simultaneously. Adjust your aim and choose your options with the Super Scope. Next, a new option screen will appear that will let you select your level of difficult. The choice is up to you!

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Battle Clash is an anime-influenced.

The player is the gunner of the ST Falcon and also Mike's partner, who fights against a group of other STs in one-on-one battles, and must shoot using the Super Scope. It is possible to shoot rapid shots by holding down the fire button, as well as energy bolts (charged shots).

reggie posted a review
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