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Platforms: NESNESGameGear

Genres: Action, Arcade Classics

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Rash, and Pim-pie are bringing the same amphibious adventure and mayhem to the Game Gear that they brought to Other systems. A faithful conversion of the original NB cart, this pint-size, streamlined version of Battletoads is a blast.

Toad-a! Action

The evil Dark Queen has captured a Princess. It's up to the warty trio to rescue her. Eight action-packed, side-scrolling stages of Toad fun lie before you in this one-player game. On each level, you control one of the three toad heroes and then run, jump, and punch through endless waves of the most bizarre-looking enemies ever. Pyscho Pigs, Rabid Rodents, and other mutant goons drop out of nowhere, bent on grinding you into slimy frog patties.

The game play is pretty straightforward - take out all the enemies and progress through each level until you've lost all your lives. However, you start with only three lives, five health units, and three continues, so it's as tough to beat as the original (remember those Speeder Bike levels?!).

Lean, Mean, and Green

The Toads look great on the Game Gear's tiny screen, warts and all. Each level is well rendered and has very detailed backgrounds. Although the sprites are small, the characters move smoothly across the screen. If you're familiar with the game and its characters, though, you'll notice that many of the whimsical details of the bizarre characters are lost on the small screen.

The two-button controls are easily learned - just punch and jump. The on-screen action responds perfectly to your directional commands. No fancy moves and combos are required - all you need are split-second timing and quick reflexes.

The sound is above-average for the Game Gear. A nice variety of sound effects and musical tracks livens up the action on each stage. It's nothing fancy, but then, hey, they're just frogs, ya know! Ribbet!

Hop To It!

Webbed hands-down, Battle-toads is a solid action/adventure cart for the Game Gear. It offers interesting characters, sharp graphics, simple game play, and a tough, but not insurmountable challenge. Gamers who've already played the NES, Genesis, or Game Boy versions won't find anything new and may want to wait for the sequel. On the other hand, Battletoads neophytes can't miss with this fun cart. Last one in the pond is a rotten egg!


  • Slam opponents into the edges of the screen, and continue hammering away at them. This keeps them off-balance and prevents them from retaliating.
  • In Stage 2, pull up on the rope each time you automatically descend Into the tunnel. This pulls you out of any new dangers lurking below.
  • Hit the Stage 1 Boss three times to destroy it Use the boss' own targeting display to aim your throws. To guarantee that your rock will hit its mark, position yourself in the center of the target before throwing.
  • It's most effective to time your jumps to avoid obstacles. Stay near the top half of the screen and jump accordingly. Remember to maintain full speed as you hit the ramp for the super-long jump to the next level.

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Battletoads Downloads

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Zitz! Rash! Pimple! Sounds like a teenager's worst nightmare, but they're actually the names of the Battletoads, the most outrageous gang of star-trekking amphibians to hop through the NES in a long time.

Web-footed Friends

Battletoads from Tradewest is a rip-snortin' outer space chase that's as good an NES action/adventure game as there is. You can play a one-player session or two-player simultaneous games; either way it's a blast!

The story begins aboard the spaceship Vulture as the Toads and their mentor, Professor T. Bird, escort Princess Angelica back to her home planet. But the Dark Queen is on a rampage, and this girl is bad, BADDD! She kidnaps Pimple and Angelica and imprisons them at her planetary hideout.

Get the Frog Outta' Here

You play Zitz (your friend is Rash) as you invade the Dark Queen's domain. Her world is deadly, but great-looking. You tackle 12 excruciating levels of horizontally and vertically-scrolling sideview action.

This outrageous adventure is guaranteed to keep you on your toads, uhh, and your toes. Your challenges include leapfrogging deadly obstacles on Speed Bikes through the Turbo Tunnel, slipping and sliding through the Ice Cavern, splashing through the Water Rapids, and space surfing through Surf City.


  • In the Chasm (Level 3) barricades seem to pause briefly at the right edge of the screen before you ride towards them.
  • When the airborne Rat Pods try to bomb you at the end of the Chasm, watch their shadows and move to the opposite side.

Three levels consist of several sections, which provide diverse problems for you to master. Each of these levels is a mini-game unto itself. For example, in Kamath's Lair (Level 6) you must ride four sneaky snakes which glide in and out of four different vertical mazes. In Volkmire's Inferno (Level 7) you fight head-butting Skuzz rats and shoot down Rat Rockets, then you hop onto a single-toad Jet Turbo and fly through four tricky sections.

  • It's easier to beat the Retro-Blaster at the end ol Level 2 with the demolition hall move than with the bird leather.
  • On Level 7, Volkmire's Inferno, stay to the left side of the screen so you have plenty ot time to dodge the flames.

Great Graphics

Battletoads sports some of the most innovative and fun graphics and sound around. The Toads, their friends, and their friends are excellently drawn in a slick cartoon style. The multi-scrolling backgrounds are knock outs.

This game packs some really rad, imaginative views. One of the most unusual is versus the Giant Red Walker (It's so big you never see the entire thing).

You control the Toads but you guide their attack as you look at them through the Walker's rose-colored lenses. It's a simple visual twist that's great fun.

The Toads' 9 power hits feature great cartoon-style graphics. For instance the Jawbuster turns your hand into a giant fist at impact, and Full Metal Ear-Muffs makes your hands huge cymbals.

Naturally, you eat flies for power ups, and you snatch them out of the air with a long, sticky tongue.

Space Cases

The Toads aren't the only characters with attitude here. You face 18 types of weird creatures. The Dark Queen's lethal hench-things also feature great cartoon graphics. For example, you meet a Snowman with no Christmas spirit, the porky Psyko-Pigs, and Hornhead, an extraterrestrial rhinoceros in a very bad mood. There's even a special guest villain "invading" this game from a classic arcade game.

  • When you knock out creatures as you drop down the Impact Crater, bit them again as they fall for extra points.
  • If an enemy beats you to the punch, you can't hit them back while they're attacking you. However, you can jump away and then counterattack.

If the critters don't get you, the traps will. It takes plenty of practice to trip up 11 types of traps such as the Saturn Toadtrap plant, the smelly Gasser, the Sucka vacuum, and the gross (but lethal) Snotball.

Rough-it, Ride-it, Ribbit

The fighting's ferocious so you must master Toad-fu if you want to make it to the end. This game has a great grab 'em feature where you can snatch any object from the landscape. Pick up a piece of metal and use it as a club or heave it at an enemy. A bird feather becomes a slashing sword. If your buddy falls, pick him up and carry him.

After you bust up a Toll Walker or any other machine, wack the broken pieces for extra points.

But the interactivity works both ways. In two player games it's one lose, all lose. You can accidentally beat-up your buddy, and if either one of you loses a life, you both start the level over.

If a bad guy knocks your buddy unconscious, you can pick him up and carry him to safety. In a pinch, toss him into creeps: however, he'll take a hit.

For variety you also drive three vehicles: a road-hopping Speed Bike, a rocket-powered Jet Turbo, and a shaky Space Board (look out Silver Surfer).

Hop into the Future

Battletoads is a monster! Sixteen-bit game systems making you nervous about the longevity of your humble NES? If NES games to come can be this good and this much fun, you can hold off on that upgrade a while longer.

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  • Manufacturer: TRADEWEST
  • Machine: Nintendo Entertainment System

Are you one of the growing numbers of VideoGames & Computer Entertainment readers who have sold their NES consoles in order to help finance the purchase of a Genesis, TurboGrafx-16 or even (gasp) a Neo-Geo? Are you proud of the fact that you gave up Mario in favor of Keith Courage or Michael Jackson? Well, I hope you're enjoying that shiny new 16-bitter, because when you get a look at Battletoads, you might regret it.

It's pretty obvious that the 'toads are a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles spoof, right down to their skin color, but these guys don't mess around with any fancy ninja weaponry; their hands and feet are just as effective as a "sai" or a "bo" (or a battering ram, or an anvil - I'll explain later). Their leader is not a soft-spoken rodent, like the Turtles follow; the toads' efforts are coordinated by a tough-talking old buzzard known as Professor T. Bird. Lastly, where the heroes-in-a-half-shell have assumed the monikers of Renaissance painters, each of the three Battletoads is named after a skin condition: Pimple, Zitz and Rash.

As explained in the game's introductory sequence, Pimple and Princess Angelica have been captured by the incredibly evil (and incredibly curvaceous) Dark Queen. Your job is to rescue your fellow Battletoad and "the best-looking girl this side of the Mazallion Star Cluster". But in order to do this, you have to get past the scuzzy varmints who make up the Queen's alien army: the Psyko-Pigs, the Saturn Toadtraps and bigger beasts like Robo-Manus and Big Blag.

There's a two-player cooperative mode that proves to be more humorous then helpful; you'll spend a lot of time apologizing to your partner for inadvertently clobbering him or her with a "toad chop" or a "three-finger jab".

These specialty moves are one of the main reasons why Battletoads is so much fun. At different points in the game, the controller buttons are automatically reconfigured to set you up with different methods of attack. In other words, the button that allows you to deliver a "jawbuster" to the tall walker in Area 1 is the same button that administers a "big bad boot" to the giblets in Area 3. There's no need to memorize a whole menu of complicated control-pad functions - just press "B" and watch your enemies fly!

The animation that depicts each of these actions is absolutely hilarious; during the "anvil slam", for example, your toad's fist actually takes the shape of a giant anvil. And when you use the "full metal earmuffs" attack, his hands transform into a huge pair of cymbals that crash together - with your opponent's head between them.

The whole game is loaded with stunning features; some, like the multi-plane scrolling effects, are rarely seen on the NES. Others are completely new to this type of game. The Area 1 boss is a perfect example of the uniqueness that Battletoads seems to take for granted. When you reach the end of that level, your toad's eyes bulge out in terror as he sees the boss character, and his jaw literally drops to the ground; yet another clever bit of cartoonish animation. But as a giant leg steps into the screen from the right, the screen's perspective changes to a first-person view from the eyes of the boss, and you watch as your toad picks up boulders and flings them at you, the boss. Incredibly, the boss character is never shown on the screen.

This type of variety is typical of the rest of the game. During the 12 levels that make up the Battletoads experience, you'll do everything from swinging on a rope to riding on a super-fast air car. The only thing that keeps the graphics from rating a perfect 10 is the "flickering" that appears in some areas; it's most noticeable in the two-player mode. The sound effects are worth mentioning, though: I love the weighty "thump" that accompanies some of the more powerful punches, and the snapping sounds of the Saturn Toadtraps couldn't be better.

Battletoads has it all: charismatic characters, gorgeous graphics, innovative play options, a perfectly balanced difficulty level and a wonderfully inane sense of humor. There's no doubt in my mind that this is going to be the biggest NES game of 1991.

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  • GameBoy
  • Action
  • 12 levels

It's Rash against the world in Battletoads in Ragnarok's World by Tradewest for the GameBoy. His friends were taken hostage by the gnarly Dark Queen and her gurus. You must rely on Rash's fighting skills for survival. Grab 1-Ups when you can and smash the walker for the extra leg. Beware of the crazed Psyko Pigs! They're the Dark Queen's pawns. Prof. T. Bird gives you inspirational tips. Toad power!

People say:


Yes! I love Battletoads, and this is the best portable version so far! This is identical to the 8-Bit smash down to every detail! The story is different and has been altered to accommodate one player (you play as Rash), but the two-player mode is the only thing that is missing! A bit slow, but still packs a punch! Move to this!


The toads are back! This new adventure is a blast to play! All those famous punches and kicks really add humor to a side-scrolling game. The music isn't too shabby either. Although the concept is really nothing new, playing Battletoads is a fun game while on the go. The speed of the game is incredible!


This game plays almost exactly like the NES and Genesis versions. The graphics are good for a GameBoy and the sounds are cool in stereo. The game play and control are faithfully reproduced and the fun never seems to stop. The screen blurs a little in some scenes but not enough to distract from the game.


Battletoads are everywhere. After an impressive showing on the Super NES, it's a little hard to play this version, but it's worth a look. Same idea, different plot. The animation is good, and the screen is somewhat tolerable. If you must pick up a new GameBoy title this year, you may want to pick up this one.

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  • Levels: 6
  • Theme: Action
  • Difficulty: Average
  • Players: 1
  • Available: September 1991

The Toads Are Back in Black And White!

This time the Batteltoads are making there debut on the GameBoy. Prepare yourself for the same great action that made the NES version so enjoyable. In this version there are a variety of special moves at your disposal. One of which is especially cool, as it allows you to hurl one enemy at another and kill two birds with one stone! Special vehicles such as planes and jet skis give even more variety to the gameplay. At the end of each round you'll have to fight an exceptionally strong end boss. Battletoads is fast action combined with humorous animations and great graphics.

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Funky Keen Frog Machines!

Time to toss your shells aside and get ready for some totally awesome fighting action. Princess Angelica and Pimple were out cruising and were kidnapped by the evil Dark Queen. Now it's up to Zitz and Rash to rescue the princess and their captured comrade. You're no ordinary amphibian though, you're radder than a reptile and nastier than a ninja when there's a battle to be fought. You have over 20 different moves at your disposal as well as turning the tables on the bad guys by using their arms and legs, lost in battle, as even more powerful weapons.


You'll find these or get them when you defeat certain enemies. You must have a lot of ammo to survive.


These also can be found or earned by beating enemies. Make sure that you always have enough health.

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Toads in Space

Battle toads is a futuristic action adventure game where you can play one or two far out frogs from outer space. Zitz, Rash, and Pimple are a trio of totally tubular toads who along with their precocious avian pal, Professor T. Bird, are just cruising the galaxy looking for adventure. They find more than they can handle when the Dark Queen's gigantic battle-cruiser swallows up Pimple and Princess Angelica as they're joyriding in his rocket-engine super car.

Naturally, Zitz and Rash are off to the rescue with the help of the Professor. Your search spans 12 awesome levels which either scroll vertically or horizontally. The Queen's gang includes the Psyko Pigs, the Mutant Ratpack, Robo-Manus, and the vicious Saturn Toadtrap.

While the Toads do all the dirty work, the Prof monitors their progress across a game map screen from inside their starship, the S.S. Vulture (it looks like one, too). You'll get a kick out of the hand-to-hand fighting here. The Toads pack a massive power punch as well as a spectacular web-footed kick. They pick up weapons dropped by their enemies, hurl stones (or snowballs), or fight with fixtures they rip off the walls. If you're playing a two-player game, you can even carry your buddy if he gets knocked out. Better yet, throw him at your enemies! When the going gets really tough you shoot your Toady tongue out at the bad guys. Yuk!

The graphics in Battle toads are a real knockout. The Toads and their foes are some of the best-looking cartoon-style video characters to hit the small screen in a while. And the multi-scrolling backgrounds will blow your mind.

Cowabunga, Toad!

Battletoads should be hopping along some time in May. It's sure to draw comparisons to a certain group of teenage mutant ninja amphibians. But as this preview shows, at least in the NES arena, it appears that these Toady dudes can more than hold their own - even without the pizza.

reggie posted a review
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