Bazooka Blitzkrieg

a game by Bandai

Platform: SNESSNES

Genre: Shooting Games

Bazooka Blitzkrieg is a first person shooter game software released by Bandai in 1992 for the Super NES and Super Famicom which makes use of the Super Scope light gun. Players begin the game in either Blitzkreig mode or Boot Camp (Training for each of the levels). The player fires his weapon at the different robots to destroy them. The scope's fire has a regular "machine gun" firing, as well as a more powerful charged-up shot.

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What the heck is Bazooka Blitzkrieg anyway? A combination of heavy artillery and a really fancy chess maneuver? Wrong! BB, by Bandai, refers to yet another super-duper omnipotent computer on the fritz. You either unplug the kookoo CPU pronto, or you can pretty much expect it to reformat-the world's hard drive! This game, due out in December, offers two Scope game play modes: Blitzkrieg and Boot Camp.

In Blitzkrieg mode, you strike light- ning-fast at the malfunctioning mainframe and its four-level army of brainwashed cyborgs. In Level 1, you scroll through side-view city streets in pursuit of the scary-sounding Sylon Deathmobile. Level 2, also side-scrolling, is a riverside hunt for renegade land speeders and choppers. Level 3 vertically scrolls you up a construction site. Level 4 is a side-scrolling foray into the computer's fortress.

Boot Camp mode is harsher than a drill sergeant. You and up to three friends compete with each other to rack up the highest score in a shortened version of the regular game. The game rates your performance, from Blind Bat up to Sharp Shooter. Sorry, no simultaneous action -- you each take turns.

From the looks of the video tape we liberated from Bandai HQ, this game's graphics will probably be average. The background multi-scrolling is limited, the colors aren't particularly vibrant, and the skyline detail is negligible. However, the enemies are large and well-defined.

Blitzkrieg should be a solid Super Scope draftee, but we'll strap on those rubber review gloves and give it a thorough physical in a future issue.

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