Bill Walsh College Football 95

a game by Electronic Arts
  • Sega GenesisGenesis
  • Sports
  • Manufacturer: Electronic Arts
  • Machine: Genesis

A great college football simulation with new player art and animation that now allows up to four armchair athletes to simultaneously take the field in any co-op or competitive combination. Don't let this one fumble through your fingers.

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EA Sports follows its tradition of great football games with Bill Walsh College Football '95. This latest in the Walsh series successfully takes Bill to the Collegiate National Championship.

A True Heisman Candidate

That's right! Bill is back, and he's added some cool new features to last year's impressive, similarly titled game. Good additions include full-season player and team stats, weekly national rankings, and a windowless passing mode.

All the old favorites are here, like the 4 Way Play option and the informative "Walsh Report." You'll recognize the same famous schools, but now you get only 38 teams (down from 48) for exhibitions, playoff's, and bowl games.

Ranked #1

On or off the field, the sprites and animations arc clear and realistic, and in fact are comparable to the excellent Madden '94. Walsh's close-ups are so finely detailed, you'll feel like you're watching a live broadcast.

ProTip: Throughout the game, check your players' fatigue ratings. A player's stamina will have a direct impact on the game, so don't overuse your star players.

The sound is clear and the crowd noise is superb, but the music score and voice-overs sound like they were just taken directly from the first Walsh game. They're nothing special.

Use the 4-4 often. It's the best overall defensive formation.

Executing plays like the Triple Option with real college- style formations requires excellent controls, and that's exactly what you get. You can effortlessly juke defenders with power bursts, spins, and dives on your way to the end zone.

Watch the Walsh Report before each game. His advice will give you an edge over your opponent.

Bill Walsh comes through with a complete, realistic simulation of Division 1A college football, offering enough options and features to pave the way for a National Championship.

reggie posted a review

This was one of the first EA sports titles to be named after a famous sports celebrity. For the time this game was advanced with weather changes, Season Mode, Mini cut scenes for extra fun, Actual Voices, and Scores of other teams at half time and before the game. It also had inside hints throughout the game! It boasts a lot of teams and is great classic fun!

Just as in any football game you try to drive the ball down field for a touchdown! Watch out for penalties! Get past the defense or stop the offense and lead your team to victory and the Rose Bowl! Pick from sevaral college teams and use them to tackle the opposition, no pun intended.

reggie posted a review

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