Bionic Commando

a game by Capcom

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Action

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Available: September 1992
  • No. of Levels: 16
  • Theme: Action


The evil Doraize army has just initiated the Albatross Project, a plot to dominate the entire planet. In response, the Federal States sent out Super Joe, an expert in guerrilla warfare. They have lost all communications with him - now the government will send you, Rad Spencer. You are a Bionic Commando, a powerful one-man arsenal capable of wiping out entire armies. This is exactly what you must do. Can you save Super Joe, and stop the Albatross Project once and for all?

Bionic Commando is beautifully translated onto the GameBoy with incredible graphics. All the levels, weapons and action are here! There is also a password feature so that you can continue your progress after turning the machine off. Bionic Commando clicks on all cylinders!

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Bionic Commando Downloads

NES Bionic Commando download
  • Manufacturer: Capcom USA

Get set for rapid fire action as you're transformed into the Bionic Commando. This best-seller from Capcom is a dynamic adaptation of the original arcade classic.

Expect an onslaught of challenges and extraordinary graphics when you battle enemy forces in their futuristic lands. Your powerful extending bionic arm and incredible arsenal of weapons gives you all you need to become an unstoppable one-man army.

To the most daring soldiers, this might seem an impossible test, but they've never experienced the power of Bionic Commando!

Bionic arm extends, providing unbelievable power and strength.

Earn the weapons necessary to battle enemy forces.

Bionic Commando offers some of the best high resolution graphics available.

This is a challenge for even the best video game players!

reggie posted a review

Bionic Commando was such a hit on the NES that it just seemed destined to arrive on the GameBoy. Well, here it is and it looks hot! In this side-scrolling action game, you are a half-human half-cyborg with the ability to stretch your mechanical arm to swing across caverns and attack enemies. You can also collect new machine guns and rifles. The enemies you meet up with would all love to turn you into scrap metal. There is plenty of technique, as well!

reggie posted a review
  • GameBoy - Capcom
  • Theme: Action
  • Available: 1992

The evil Doraize army is on the move again. In return, the Federal States sent in Super Joe. All communication with him was lost. Now you, Rad Spencer, must locate Super Joe and stop the Doraize army once and for all. Use your wrist blaster to shoot enemies while collecting much-needed power-ups. Fight through ruined cities and underground fortresses to finally locate Super Joe.

People say:


This game really does succeed in properly executing the Bionic Commando theme on the smaller GameBoy screen. Not much has been done to alter the original premise of the NES game, and the graphics and play are well detailed and challenging. This is indeed one of the better GB titles to come along in some time.


Good job Capcom! With the exception of the 2 Mario games, this is the best Game-Boy cart I have seen in a long time. It plays very well for the small screen and offers more than enough challenge for the experienced player. Hey, when Sushi likes a GB cart you know it HAS to be good. I agree! Don't miss this one.


This is one of the best GameBoy carts I've played in a long time. The graphics and music are very good. The game play is absolutely phenomenal and captures all of the best aspects of the classic NES game. Plenty of tough action and technique throughout. If a GB cart can be this good, bring the SNES version.


Coolee! Aw, Pooh, I love this game! Everyone has forgotten excellent NES title until now when you can take it on the road! No offense Capcom, but Nintendo had better get in gear soon and release a Color GameBoy, because colorful titles like Bionic Commando get hacked on the tiny B&W screen!

reggie posted a review
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