Blaster Master 2

a game by Sunsoft

Platform: Sega GenesisGenesis

Genres: Racing, Strategy/War, Platformer

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Blaster Master 2

Blaster Master was a great 8-bit NES hit. Now Sun-soft's upgraded this classic action/adventure game for the Genesis. Blaster Master 2 rumbles with multi-view armored action, great graphics and rocking music.

Jason Returns

It's been four years since Jason piloted the multi-purpose S.O.P.H.I.A. vehicle to thwart the Plutonium Boss. Now mysterious Lightning Beings have stripped the S.O.P.H.I.A. and are using its parts to create a robot army. Their plan: dig to the Earth's core and knock the planet off its axis! Looks like Jason's going underground again.

Not Just Another Shooter

Blaster Master 2 maintains all the shoot-to-thrill strategy of the 8-bit game, but it's been amplified to offer more depth. Great graphics and sound give the game arcade quality with fast sprites, eye-catching scenery, and tunes that keep you rockin' throughout the game.

The motorized mayhem take you and a rebuilt S.O.P.H.I.A. to seven intense stages. On each stage, you blow away mean machines, creepy creatures, and computer traps, but you may have to leave your vehicle to find critical power-ups. In each stage, you must fight a Mini-Boss and an End Boss to secure a special weapon, which you'll need in the next stage.

Every stage offers side-view and overhead-view action. Of course, in side- view mode you can always jump out of your armored car and climb ladders to clear hard-to-reach places. The multiple views and finger-wearying button presses can make the controls seem complicated at first. Actually, they're easy to learn, and they're helped by a painless equipment inventory screen.


  • Once you and your pilot enter the door in Stage 2, jump toward the upper- left part of the wall to enter a secret passageway that transports you to another area of the stage.
  • Straightforward attacks are best against bosses. Position yourself to one side of the screen, and fire away.

Fight with Power

This game's challenge is murder! As deadly as your armored car is, you need all the help you can get!

Don't shoot these center blocks in the second overhead stage! If these guys get out, they are hard to destroy.

Side-view areas offer seven power-ups, including 3-Way Fire, Homing Missiles, and 8-Way Lightning. In the overhead areas, you can pick up eight power-ups for increased firepower, vehicle speed, temporary invincibility, and more. There are also four special vehicle options hidden on select stages -- a Drill, a Hover Pack, an Underwater Modification, and a Shield.

Use the drill bit to destroy walls and enter sections of the stage!

A Blaster from the Past

Get behind the wheel of this classic to burn rubber and bad guys. Blaster Master 2 is a blast!

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