Bomberman Collection

a game by Hudson Soft
  • Puzzles & Words
  • Machine: Nintendo

Bomberman has been put to work in an underground compound at the center of the Earth. One day he learned that he can become a human by escaping from the center of the Earth and make it to the surface He can only rely on bombs of his own production for his defense. Will Bomberman ever make it to the surface?

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T.T.I. has picked up the rights to this awesome sequel to one of the most popular puzzle games ever to hit the Turbo.

At the title screen, choose from a variety of options that include a one player normal game, a five player battle game, or link up two TurboExpresses for great portable action!

The object is to strategically place bombs to wipe out boulders and enemies. Certain boulders contain power-ups like speed-ups and larger bombs. You must continue to bomb everything until you locate the exit warp.

The real fun is the five player game where you and four other friends compete to stay alive.

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