Bonk's Adventure

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Platformer

  • Machine: Turbo Grafx 16

You live in a world of prehistoric swamps, tropical forests and stone age deserts. Humungous dinosaurs, primordial gators and various other slimies, beasties and creepies roam at will.

And the bad news is, evil King Drool has kidnapped the Princess Za (a most excellent-looking babe).

As Bonk, the heroic young Neanderthal head-banger, you will now embark on an epic quest through five levels of monstrous foes to rescue your princess. But there's just one catch. The only weapon you can take with you is your head.

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  • Manufacturer: Hudson Soft
  • Machine: NES

A terrific translation of the original Turbo-Grafix-16 version. You've still got your mid-air spins, wall bites, and, of course, plenty of bani-bana flowers and bonus levels.

reggie posted a review

After years of speculation and rumors, everyone's favorite cave-dude is finally arriving in arcades! Bonk's Adventure by Kaneko sports two-player simultaneous play for a bonkin' good time!

This game has some new stuff in it that the home version doesn't. For one, Bonk now has the ability to collect 'smife bumpers' on his head. WEIRD! Bonk' also can hide his head, which comes in handy during certain points of the game. EVEN WEIRDER!

There are 28 playing courses in all, each of which has a new and exciting set of challenges. The graphics are also vastly superior to any of the home versions seen thus far. Go out and give Bonk's Adventure by Kaneko a few quarters. It's a real head-bangin' good time.

reggie posted a review

At the dawn of time, Homo Sapiens (that's us) learned to use their heads to survive in the prehistoric world.

Now, Bonk's Adventure from Hudson Soft returns you to the Stone Age as Pithecanthropus Computerus (that's Bonk) where you learn to use your head, literally, all over again.

Neanderthal Moves

There's big trouble in this zany primitive land. The abominable King Drool has snatched the beautiful Princess Za. As Bonk, the hardheaded cave-boy, you decide to save her.

But it's 10,000 B.C. and few weapons have been invented. So, to rescue the Princess, you'll bash your cranium against any beasties in your way. Miss your foes, however, and they'll send you into a coma, after you throw a bug-eyed, foaming-at-the-mouth fit. That costs you one life.

To keep your headaches to a minimum, here are some vital techniques.

Use Bonk's powerful bite to scale walls and trees. Run and leap into them until Bonk chomps down. Now, press Button I rapidly to climb. To dive-bomb head-over-heels into your-foes, push Button I to jump and then hit Button II. This move is twice as powerful as a normal head-butt. To increase your jumping distance and hang time, tap Button II continuously after you jump. Plough into your enemies with this spin move and you'll really knock them out.

Creatures That Time Forgot

To complete your quest, you must bash prehistoric beasts on land, sea, and air. Go head-to-whatever with snapping 'gators, near-sighted dinosaurs, eggshell heads, slimy leeches, and other creepy crawlies.

ProTip: Sometimes you run up points by butting a bad guy into the air, getting under him, and continuously bumping him to keep him there.

You also face the loony level bosses -- Huey, Punchy Pedro, Gladdis, Kongo Zilla, and Tractorhead. Now, you don't want to do them in, you just want to make friends. They've been hypnotized into thinking you're an enemy, so bump their heads until you break the spell.

Punchy Pedro can be mean and he usually punches your lights out. Dodge his blows and go for his head.

Primordial Pathways

Bonks Adventure takes place across a fantastic primeval landscape. Head-butt your way through five circuitous levels (broken down into seven areas) that lead to soupy swamps, perilous waterfalls, parched deserts, and deadly tropical forests. Each area is a complex multi-leveled maze that taxes your brain, in more ways than one. Save the Princess at the end of the fifth level and you head to another planet to fight King Drool.

The twinkle-toed dancing trees help you grab more Smiley Faces.

Just head-butt them in the right direction and climb aboard.

But before you go, search for four bonus stages, where you can earn awesome points towards extra lives. Bonk the walls till you find them. One stage features cliff climbing, where you try to climb as high as you can in 10 seconds. In the continuous spinning stage, you jump off a cliff and spin in the air as many times as possible by pressing Button II. Land on your feet or you lose. At the munching spree, you hop from flower to flower to gulp as much food as possible. Finally, a volcanic stage has you head-butting rocks which pop out of a volcano.

Bonk Want Food!

Bonk is a spirited Neolithic toddler with a voracious appetite. Satisfy his hunger pangs for points and power. Eating fruits and vegetables racks up points towards extra lives. For a real mind-blowing, atomic experience, gobble up a chunk of meat. Small pieces of meat make Bonk's head-butts twice as powerful. Swallow a large chunk of meat a two small meats to render yourself invincible for ten seconds.

Power up with one meat and you can also slam your head on the ground to freeze your enemies.

You can also increase your bonus points and vitality by collecting Smiley Faces, which periodically appear when you bash your enemies. Also, keep your eyes peeled for hearts. Three hearts equal one life.

An Early Flower Child

Just because you're on a quest, doesn't mean you can't stop and smell the flowers. In fact, squash them if you want to succeed. Pink Rowers relinquish fruit, veggies, and, sometimes, a heart. Yellow Flowers add spring to your jumps. Red Rowers hide meat. Rare Green Flowers reveal crystal hearts which you can fill up with energy.

When you jump on the spring flowers, beware of the wicked flowers; they zap you.

Bonk's Adventure is a fanciful, wacky game that delivers hours of challenge, fun, and laughter. The graphics and the animation are great! And you'll enjoy Bonk, a good-natured little cave-dude who just wants to-make friends. Don't be King Drool's blockhead; Bonk your way to victory.

reggie posted a review
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