Bottom Of The 9th

a game by Konami

Platforms: PlaystationNintendo 64Nintendo 64

Genre: Sports

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An integral part of Konami's quest to build up its newly formed Konami XXL Sports series is this baseball title.

The game is loaded with features. It has all 700 Major League Baseball players, including career stats, 3-D graphics and an Al that gives players more control and options while up at bat or in the field.

The game's strong point is its depth in strategy, which forces players to think more like coaches.

For instance, you can purposely fly out or try for a grounder to advance the baserunner; it's just not swing the bat and hope for the best like in other games.

You can play a single game, an entire season or take part in a championship. There's a Training Camp Mode that will allow you to work on your pitching, fielding, batting and base running. Konami has included a Total Training Option that will help you improve your offensive and defensive Bag gaming skills. Total training is the same as playing a real game, except there is no changing after three outs.

When you practice hitting you can choose the type of pitching you want to face.

If you select a pitch your pitcher can't throw he'll shake it off. If you press the X button repeatedly during your pitcher's pitching motion, you will increase the power of his pitch. Yet, this will cause your pitcher's stamina to deteriorate rapidly.

Grab your controller and take to the field!

  • THEME - Sport
  • NUMBER OF PLAYERS - 1 or 2

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You may be wondering: Why another Bottom of the 9th when the first one (released last spring) is still leaving a favorable taste in you mouth? Well the answer is: improvements. In this '97 edition, players can expect more stadiums and more camera angles. The 3-D batting interface has also been improved, and they have even included night games in the season roster. A simpler Season Mode is another scheduled addition. Bottom of the 9th '97 even acquired an MLBPA license. As spring is slowly creeping up on us. what better way to spend your time than playing America's favorite pastime.

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