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Platform: SNESSNES

Genre: Puzzles & Words

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All Tetris-ed out? Then try straining your brain with the addicting Brainies.

This puzzle concept is simple: Armed with a roving cursor and overhead view, you pick up little puffballs and deposit them on same-colored pads before time elapses. What seems easy soon gets harder as the playing fields get more convoluted and obstacles interfere. The controls are simple-your brain, not your thumbs, gets stretched here.

ProTip: Stack Brainies out of the way until you can fill the hard-to-reach pads in the back.

The graphics are simple, sharp, and colorful, but the icons are too small. The average sounds offer bouncy music and minimal effects.

The Brainies are a nice gang to hang with for a while. Novices won't stay long, but serious puzzle fiends may find themselves staying up late to reach those 90th levels.

Listen for the musical cues that tell you the clock is getting dose to zero.

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The Brainies is a puzzle game with 101 levels, in which you have to guide a varying number of Brainies of four different colors onto a spot that matches their color. The game was released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System console and Atari ST, Amiga, and Amstrad CPC computers. You control a cross-hair, and press fire while over a Brainy to take or give up control of its motion. Running out of time costs you a life.

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