Bump 'n' Jump

a game by Vic Tokai

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Racing

  • Manufacturer: Vic Tokai
  • Machine: NES

If you want to score a cool 50,000 points, Reginald Stewart of Cleveland, Ohio, has a surefire way. Though it's hard to do, go through an entire level without crashing any enemy cars. If you do, a special bonus will be awarded. Good discovery, Reginald.

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Soar over the Blacktop Jungle...

While not as visually complex, Bump 'n' Jump, the latest from Vic Tokai, uses a similar type of racing structure that introduces smash and crash action into the normal road rally theme. The result is a game that delivers a good amount of action despite several failings.

Based on the Data East coin-op classic, Bump'n'Jump does a faithful job of recreating the basics that made the arcade version so much fun to play. You crash into the various opponents and try to run them into the guard rails and boulders that border each side of the road. Get your jalopy through the gauntlet of obstacles and you get a nice bonus before proceeding to a more difficult pattern of roads.

Fortunately, your roadster has some special abilities that will definitely help you get out of tight situations. You can bring your mean machine to an abrupt halt with the 'B' button or jump over obstacles such as water, and walls with careful timing of the 'A' button.

A power meter, however, adds a touch of strategy to the game. In many areas it becomes necessary to jump from road to road, but without enough speed or power, you simply won't make it into the air. Power canisters dot the roadways, but collecting them with a street full of bullies can get awfully rough at times.

Although the Vic Tokai home version of Bump'n'Jump has gone that extra mile and added a number of exciting new features like a repair shop that dusts off your damaged fenders, it still suffers from some rough edges. Most apparent are the game graphics that do justice to the arcade counterpart, but pale by comparison to other NES carts. The sounds are fine, but the tunes don't have a lot of depth or variety.

Game play is where this cart really shines. There isn't an abundance of bells and whistles in the package, but what's inside packs plenty of punch! Knocking the other guys off the road provides the unique twist that let's Bump'n'Jump strut its stuff and still come out as a good choice next to more modern titles like Double Dragon and Ikari Warriors.

Bump 'n' Jump may not be the best looking cart available for the Nintendo Entertainment System, but for super game play and a lot of fun, Bump 'n' Jump gets the checkered flag!

I was initially unimpressed with Bump'n'Jump. The graphics and sounds were adequate, but nothing extraordinary. As I started playing more and more, though, the action became more furious and I found myself hooked! I strongly recommend this game for anyone looking for a totally unique challenge...

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a.k.a. Buggy Popper

reggie posted a review
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