Burai Fighter

a game by Taxan

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Shooting Games

See also: Monsters Games

  • Manufacturer: Nintendo

In a remote corner of the galaxy lives a race of super-brains known as the Burai. Their vast mental capabilities are focused upon one goal: the conquest of the universe! They are creating huge armies of robo-mutants, which will soon overrun the galaxy - unless you can stop them! You must somehow penetrate the seven manufacturing bases of the Burai, where you will battle the most fearsome army of mutant rogues ever imagined - including the monstrous super-mutant guarding each base. But with your awesome arsenal of weaponry, victory may be within your reach. It's up to you to rid the universe of the evil Burai once and for all!

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Some people, or shall we say some creatures, are just never satisfied! In fact, some are just plain greedy! To be more specific, it seems that the Burai, a race of super-brains, aren't happy with just one measly galaxy. No way, the greedy monsters have decided that they've just got to have the whole Universe all to themselves! And, to make matters even worse, they've created massive armies of creepy robo-mutants to do their dirty work. Alas, there's nothing left to do but dig out your laser cannon, strap on your proton pack, and get ready to shoot your way through seven horrifying levels of monster mania, some with a gruesome big boss at the end, and others with mutant-infested enemy bases. Beam me up, Scottie!

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