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Platform: NESNES

Genres: Action, Shooting Games

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Cabal is a 1988 arcade game by TAD Corporation. In Cabal, the player controls a commando, trying to destroy enemy military bases. Though typical for games of this era, the game did respectably in the marketplace. The player must use a limitless ammunition gun and a limited number of grenades to destroy enemy troops and damage the base.

Power-ups appear from time to time, being released from objects destroyed onscreen. Some power-ups give special weapons, many of which are formidable: One of them is an extremely fast machinegun and other one is an automatic shotgun which has a larger crosshair.

Almost anything can be destroyed if you fire enough bullets or grenades at the objects. Some of the power-up weapons are formidable. Shooting unusual characters, pigs, bushes etc. will yield extra weapons.

Two players could play this game, cooperatively, simultaneously.

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