Cannondale Cup

a game by Radical Entertainment

Platform: SNESSNES

Genre: Racing


Cannondale, a well-known maker of road and mountain bikes (all handmade in the U.S.) has teamed up with ASC to bringing you the very first bicycle racing game sponsored by a major bicycle company.

Cannondale Cup features the mountain bikes that Cannondale produces. In this racing game, you will be able to choose from a variety of bikes each varying in road performance aspects like: speed, traction, handling, and so forth. Pick an off-road-type bike to get you through those muddy tracks and don't forget about the all-suspension bike.

All the tracks vary as well. You can start at the bottom and race through the qualifying track and see how you do against the very best riders around. After that you can attack the harder tracks, if you're good enough. Conserve your energy on the hills by putting your head down to decrease air friction. You can either grab or kick the other riders to get ahead of the pack. Hey, it's survival of the fittest out there! That's what this game is all about. You snooze, you lose.

  • Manufacturer: ASC
  • Cart size: 12 Meg
  • Release: OCTOBER 1994
  • Players: 1

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Cannondale Cup Downloads

SNES Cannondale Cup download

The Cannondale Cup is also known as Mountain Bike Rally.

You've skitched your skateboard and rashed down the road on your motorcycle. But have you thrashed with mountain bikes? That's the challenge in this solid racing game.

Mountain Moves

The Cannondale Cup mixes racing realism and surrealism. You compete on eight realistic courses from the city to the mountains and race with six actual cycling champions. Bringing some Road Rash-style fantasy to the races are two fictional racers who threaten pedestrians, bosses who throw objects at you, and plenty of violent punches and grabs.

You have good control over the race. After you select from the eight tracks and bikes available, you're off.

Sprinting around the twisty tracks, you fly over ramps, snatch power-ups, and throw punches, all with simple and effective controls.

Racing Realm

The sounds do a decent job. Rockin' music and some sound effects heighten the intensity.

Voices and more dynamic sound effects would've brought home the trophy, however.

The graphics are above average. The Mode 7 landscape rotates ahead of you, while distinctive backgrounds and airborne animations add atmosphere.

With its numerous bike options, strong controls, and the novelty of two-wheel racing, Cannondale Cup charges to a good finish. Racers of all abilities should take it for a spin.

ProTip: Jumps are fun but be careful where you land. You might come down off the course.

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