Carrier Aces

a game by Synergistic Software

Platform: SNESSNES

Genre: Action

Dreamin'of glorious aerial combat in classic World War II warbirds? Carrier Aces drops you into the cockpits of Avengers, Hellcats, and other great prop planes and launches you into entertaining dogfight action.

Wild Blue Yonder

The Carrier Aces of the title refer to the Japanese and American pilots who flew over the Pacific 50 years ago. You play on either side of the battle in shooting scenarios that include dogfights, torpedo runs, and dive-bombing attacks against carriers. The variety of missions ensures that you won't be bored.

ProTip: It a bogey's on your tall, switch to the rear view and shoot with your rear-mounted gun.

You might be frustrated by some of the controls, however. Good control features -- like the different abilities of the eight planes -- are balanced by negatives like the simplistic torpedo action against the carriers. Expect dogfights to be difficult for a while, because the computer bogeys consistently outfly you. Sayonara, ace.

Aces High

The split screen gives you lots to look at -- your cockpit view with instrument readings on top, the enemy's perspective, and instruments below -- or you can switch to a rear view. Details are sharp (until you get too close), colorful fireballs explode, and your plane breaks up as it crashes.


  • Pick the right plane for each mission. Avengers are best against carriers.
  • Keep swerving as you attack the carrier, and you'll dodge the antiaircraft guns.

The sounds also keep you airborne. In addition to rumbling engines, rat-a-tat shots, and martial music, voices bark out commands and warnings.

Novice pilots should like Carrier Aces the most, because its action isn't too complicated. For war veterans, the nostalgic feel of these great planes may be reason enough to keep flying.

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