Castle Of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse

a game by Sega

Platform: GameGear

Genre: Action

Nasty Mizrabel the Witch has snatched Minnie Mouse. Mickey's main squeeze. To rescue Minnie from the Castle of Illusion, Mickey must find seven missinq Gems and defeat Mizrabel.

Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse features six levels of one player vertically and horizontally scrolling action/adventure. Run from attacking Trees and poisonous Tulips in the Enchanted Forest. In Toyland navigate through a maze of Clowns and dangerous Ducks. Dodge Donuts and other sweets in the Dessert Factory. Beat out Books and Bookworms in the Library. Don't get too wound up by the Giant Pendulums in the Clock Factory. Creepy Ghosts fly through the Castle. In each and every level the Game Gear shows off the oh-so-spectacular Disney graphics to perfection.

Mickey's always been a masterful mouse, and in this cart he shows his stuff to perfection. His moves include a Long Jump and some speedy Slope Sliding. But Mickey's best move is his Bounce Attack, which he uses to bash everyone and everything. This title's tough, but Mickey has help in the form of Treasure Chests, Gold Coins, Cake snacks, and even 1-Ups.

Castle of Illusion is now a familiar title with Genesis and Master System versions. Mickey is just as good on the small screen-maybe even better. Oh no!


  • Break open Treasure Chests using the Bounce Attack.
  • If an object's too high, remember that Mickey can jump off of enemies and other objects.

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