Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse

a game by Konami

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Adventure/RPG

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Castlevania III, the biggest of the 8-bit offerings, ranks as one of the best games in the series. This prequel takes place 100 years before the first game, and you play as Simon's forefather, Trevor Belmont. One of the coolest features is assuming the role of one of three characters: Grant, a nimble thief who can climb walls and ceilings; Alucard (Dracula spelled backwards), Dracula's rebellious son who can turn into a bat; and Sypha, a powerful magician with awesome spells.

Castlevania 3 had some of the most stunning graphics of its time, and Dracula's last format the end of the game has to be one of the coolest bosses in Castlevania history!

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  • Manufacturer: Clayton Walnum

All you vampire hunters gather up your crosses and garlic, because we're going to embark on a long and dangerous trip through lands containing every terror imaginable. Last month we only scratched the surface of this extensive arcade horror show. Now we'll take a look at the levels that lead up to Count Dracula's front door. Don't forget to pack those wooden stakes!

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Simon Belmont's adventures are far from over! In this latest version of the classic action/adventure, Simon returns to his roots in a super-charged cart that plays more like the first Castlevania. New power-ups and incentives make this a super sequel!

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The third installment of the Castlevania adventure returns Simon to his roots, with a quest that plays more like the original than the RPG-ish sequel Simon's Quest. In this new action/adventure, Simon must face all new creatures and Bosses, but this time he has a secret ability - he can transform into different characters who each have different weapons and abilities!

reggie posted a review
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