Chase HQ 2

  • Manufacturer: Taito
  • # of players: 1
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Number of Levels: 8
  • Theme: Racing

Chase H.Q. II is coming to your Game Boy. This is an exciting racing game made up of eight different levels. You are a cop and your mission is to get the bad guys off of the streets. These guys won't come easily, so run them off the road. The first few levels are pretty easy, but in the later levels, the criminals get smarter and they are armed! Sometimes you will get help from a helicopter that drops weapons to you in your super-charged Porsche patrol car. Also use the points you earn in the race to buy better parts for your car! You can upgrade the tires, engine, body, and even the turbo. Be prepared to burn some rubber to catch the bad guys!

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Sega Genesis Chase HQ 2 download
  • Manufacturer: Taito
  • Machine: Game Boy

For a driving game, this one comes off rather well. The cops vs. robbers theme at high speeds was always an innovative one, and the title is done justice here. Things can get a little slow at times, but overall it's pretty good.

reggie posted a review

Get ready for fender-bending, tire-screaming, chasing, racing N action. It's a high-speed cops 'n' robbers game, and you're the cop. Chase H.Q. II takes an old idea, and though it doesn't bring to it any new tricks, it's still really fun.

Calling All Cars

This one's simple to learn. Nancy, the dispatcher back at headquarters, comes on the line over the radio and gives you an APB for a suspect. You climb into the pursuit vehicle of your choice (sports car, four-wheel drive, or big rig) and slam the accelerator to the floor.

From behind the wheel of your vehicle, you try to thwart a felon's attempt to escape. This leads you across the country through multiple levels of racing action, including the coast, a desert, and a winter mountain landscape. As you weave through traffic and scream around curves, you must avoid car-damaging obstacles, like ice slicks and waves.

This game's controls are a simple three-button design. Use the directional pad to steer and shift between high and low gears, and Buttons A, B, and C to break, accelerate, and kick in the turbo.


  • Once Nancy tells you what kind of car the suspect is driving, you can choose a vehicle that gives you the right power to catch 'em.
  • Don't ram the suspect while you're on a bridge or you'll get nudged off and lose more time. It's better to tall them closely until you're on solid ground. Driving's not what this game's all about, though. If you're looking for a racing simulation, look elsewhere. Chase H.Q.II's nuts and bolts are catching the bad guys. Basically, you drive like heck until you reach the suspect. Then, you bang 'em with your vehicle until their car is so damaged that they have to stop. If you fail to arrest the suspect before time runs out, you lose!

Cutting to the Chase

Chase H.Q. 2's graphics are average, and the music is nothing special. Although an adjustable challenge makes the game more than a drive in the park, this game's nowhere near race-and-chase classics like Road Rash.

Save your turbo for when the suspect's in sight, 'cuz you'll need a quick burst of speed.

reggie posted a review

Chase HQ 2 is a ported from the classic arcade game.

You're a tough-nosed cop who chases various criminals in your vehicle - an armed police pursuit special.

reggie posted a review
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