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Platform: NESNES

Genre: Action

It's just another ho hum day some time during the middle ages. You're just sitting around twiddling your thumbs when you overhear a rumor regarding a sinister presence that has invaded the castle outside of town. Supposedly the dead are coming back to life, and things are looking pretty rotten -- so to speak! Anyway, unless certain evil talismans are quickly found and destroyed, the undead are going to be the only game in town -- talk about ruining the neighborhood! So you set out, either on your own or with one friend, to stop the undead. Use your controller, or arm yourself with your trusty light gun. You'll have to find all 32 talismans-eight levels with four talismans on each level. As you discover all of the talismans, you'll reveal a secret message. When you've found all 32 talismans, you can advance to a special hidden level. From the graveyard to the inner sanctum it's gory, it's gross, it's killer -- en Chiller!

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