City Of Lost Children

a game by Psygnosis

Platform: Playstation

Genre: Adventure/RPG

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Based on the film with the same name, City of Lost Children for the Sony PlayStation is an adventure title bound to give gamers a surreal experience. The graphics in this one are rendered and have shading and lighting effects to add realism. With incredible cinematics and gameplay to match, this one should give players quite a ride. A wide cast of strange characters allows for interesting play. The soundtrack is done by the same composer who did the music for Twin Peaks.

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Some people may won der how to describe City of Lost Children to others (especially those who haven't seen the French film). Imagine Alone in the Dark in a huge rendered cityscape without the fighting.

The 3-D adventure title from Psygnosis puts gamers in control of Miette. a little French orphan who gets caught up in a strange story line-one that involves one-eyed men and kidnapped children.

The game features a load of different areas to explore. Like the movie, the dark, futuristic feel of the city lends itself to this type of gameplay.

The number of different buildings, rooms and alleyways to search is matched by the number of characters and creatures Miette can come in contact with or avoid.

Some characters include: The Watchman who will throw Miette into the warehouse and lock it if she's not careful. The Cyclopes, whose ears are extremely sensitive. have poor eyesight. The Siamese twin sisters who run the orphanage.

Players should beware of the cellar-to the orphans it's like a prison. The Siamese twins will threaten Miette with the cellar many times. Since Miette is crafty, threats of the cellar do not scare her-she'll always succeed in her schemes.

Players will have to travel through the main which is the city and its nooks and cran-nies-and then through other areas outside of the city. With its dark theme and intricate mazes, CoLC is no children's title.

CoLC features changing camera views much like Alone in the Dark. The main difference here is that gamers can manually change the camera angle by simply hitting a button when the option appears at the top of the screen.

All of the characters in the game, whether human or beast, have been rotoscoped with the motion-capture that has been so popular and so vital to realism these days.

All of the renders in the game are completely original-the graphics are incredible with realtime lighting for the characters and objects.

Gamer's EDGE

City of Lost Children is more than just a game. The movie. French-made, is about a city where children are being mysteriously kidnapped. Since the main character. Miette, is a kid. the whole kidnapping thing hits pretty close to home.

At first. Miette doesn't care much, but when she meets "One" and finds that his "little brother" has been kidnapped, slowly her attitude changes. From that point, the story line gets pretty weird.

The movie, like the game, features a huge cast of strange characters. The city in the movie, which is the same way in the game, is dark and dirty. The movie also features some great computer-generated effects (like the fleas and green smoke).

EGM suggests renting or buying the sub-titled version if the story sounds interesting. It beats the dubbed version by leaps and bounds. City of Lost Children is a great movie, even with its strangeness.

  • MANUFACTURER - Psygnogis
  • THEME - Adventure
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