Cobra Command

a game by Data East

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Shooting Games

See also: Helicopter Games

  • Renovation / Sega CD

Cobra Command was originally an arcade title that was on laser disc format. This is a helicopter-simulation fighting game. The perspective is from the cockpit so you get a great view of all the action!

The graphics are rendered in a format that makes them look hand drawn and then computer animated. The effect is truly awesome!

Missiles and guns are at your disposal as you weave through city buildings, the Grand Canyon and seven other stages.

As you play, a voice will announce when you should maneuver through crevices or when to fire at enemy craft.

Here are the first three levels to Renovations latest title, Cobra Command for the Sega CD! Watch for it!


  1. In level one, you must push the terrorists out of New York. The enemies are weak and should pose no problem to your advanced chopper. You must destroy a boss chopper to finish the level.
  2. Can you brave the canyon walls in level two? Enemy helicopters emerge from cracks in the walls and attack! Utilize the pillars to plan your strategy and defeat another enemy boss helicopter.
  3. Level 3 is a battle above the deep, blue sea. The fighting gets a bit more intense as you dodge the blasts from submarines and destroyers. Blow up the bridge on the carrier to complete this mission.

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Cobra Command Downloads

NES Cobra Command download

First, go to the title screen where you can choose either Game Start or Config Mode. Press UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN and then START on controller 1. On the configuration screen you will be able to select new difficulty levels, including "Training." Choose this option and go back to the little screen. Here you should choose the Game Start option. Play the game as usual. Once you die, you will notice that you will start right back at the place you left off, and whatever killed you is now conveniently out of the way. This trick is great if you need help throughout this game.

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