College Football USA '97: The Road to New Orleans

a game by Black Pearl Software

Platform: SNESSNES

Genre: Sports

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With its fumbling combination of atrocious gameplay and choppy graphics, College Football '97 wins the title of "Worst Sports Game of the Year."

The only strong point here is the selection of 111 teams, including everyone from Florida to Fresno State. Other than that, the game's a complete gridiron debacle. Players fly around the field—except for the man with the ball, whose movements slow down and become jerky. The frame rate and animation are poor (the players look armless), and the sound features the most obnoxious whistle in sports gaming history.

With a game this bad, it's no wonder Bill Walsh took his name off this series and went back to advising the pros.


  • The key to running the wishbone is a fast QB.
  • Play as the middle linebacker for defensive flexibility.

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