College Slam

College Slam? More like College Sham. Although the game plays well, it's nothing but NBA Jam in a new package. Slam offers two-on-two action with 44 college teams. The game features "boost" instead of "turbo," as well as "fire" when your player makes three consecutive baskets. Sound familiar?

SNES owners received a much cleaner graphical version of Slam, and it's even more disappointing to see the exact same dunks, passes, and knockdowns that appeared in NBA Jam. Even the sound bites are reminiscent of Jam, with the announcer saying "From off-campus!"

If Jam is your favorite game and you love college basketball, Slam's a match made in heaven. If you already own Jam, though, there's no need to buy the same game twice.


  • If you're double-teamed while driving toward the hoop, pass the ball out and shoot a three.
  • Pick a team and stick with it to learn its sweet spots.

College Slam Downloads

Sega Genesis College Slam download

It's 2 - 2 basketball emulator. It is possible to play a single match, tournament or season. The action on the pitch is dynamic enough, special rules to obey are not required, and special focus on the contenders is not needed as well. On the pitch you may find useful things for strengthening your basketball player. The number of game settings, including the editing of team line ups is accessible.

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