Combat Cars

If you played last year's MicroMachines, you'll recognize the kiddie-style game play of Combat Cars. Veteran 16-bit drivers will probably want some more intense action, but young gamers may like it.

Kombat Kids

Combat Cars tries to be a kind of Mutant League Racing with alien competitors and no- holds-barred racing. Choose from eight strange drivers with bizarre idiosyncrasies; ratings in Handling, Top Speed, and Acceleration; and a unique weapon. Win races, and you earn money to spend on your car and weapons.


  • Andrew Alien's Missile- Zs home in on enemies, but be careful not to run Into cars as they spin out in front of you.
  • Practice sliding into turns and accelerating halfway through to get ahead.

Controlling your car is no easy feat, even at the Easy setting. Your car turns so quickly that the slightest touch on the controller sends you weaving off the track. Using all the weapons effectively is even harder.

While the concept of armored racing cars is attractive, the graphics and sounds aren't. The overhead view puts you so far away that you're never truly involved in the action. The 24 tracks don't have much entertaining detail.

If it's reckless speed you want, choose Mekmac. With a 21 IQ, this stud has the highest combined Top Speed and Acceleration ratings.

Also, you'll wish for a map so you can anticipate upcoming turns. The sounds, meanwhile, are barely average. With no voices, droning techno music, and typical sound FX, you might as well crank up your own tunes.

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