Crack Down

a game by Sega

Platform: Sega GenesisGenesis

Genres: Action, Shooting Games

Crack Down

Thanks to the efforts of the maniacal Mr. K, 21st Century Earth is on its becoming a thing of the past. This whacko's an expert in the field of artificial life who also happens to be missing a few marbles, and he's created a hostile horde of creatures to take control of the United Nations' futuristic industrial city, Atlantis.

Enter Ben and Andy, Special Forces Officers highly skilled at secret infiltration. At the U.N.'s request, they must plant a series of time bombs throughout Atlantis and blow it, Mr. K, and his evil brood to smithereens!

Get an Artificial Life

If you haven't already guessed, this action/shooter's a game built for two, but you can play solo. Either way, you'll have to bust some major moves to survive in the new, unimproved Atlantis. Made up of four main quadrants (each split into three areas), Atlantis is a maze-like city packed with security systems, which range from flaming fire pits to subterranean rocket-launchers.


  • As you work your way around the cracks and holes which appear on the floors ol Stage Two, don't travel along the "wall" at the top of the screen. It's the pits.

Now that Mr. K's runnin' the town, the streets are patrolled by 11 species of gruesome artificial life forms such as the WallCutters and the Mandrills. Each of these robo-beasts has a unique set of robo-psychotic tendencies, so they toss chainsaws and deal out gut-wrenching body blows at the drop of a hat. Mind your back, front, and sides always!

Here's Lookin' Down at Ya!

Crack Down's a good-looking game that offers ka-boom with a view. The 360 degree overhead perspective is slick (and you don't find it in many Genesis titles).

A handy map in the right comer of the screen enables you to track your movements and indicates where you must place the bombs.

Overall the graphics feature plenty of sharp details, which is both good and bad. Although there are loads of 3-D special effects to keep your eyeballs happy, sometimes your man blends in so well you momentarily lose sight of him. And moments are precious when you're a moving target!

Tunes to Detonate By

Crack Down's music is groovy. Unfortunately Ben and Andy don't quite catch the beat. These guys' moves are a bit on the stiff side, which makes gameplay a little awkward. However, the formidable firepower, especially Machine Guns, Cannons, and Super Bombs, and the duo's unique ability to flatten themselves against the walls save Crack Down from total gameplay blahs.

  • Use Super Bombs to blast through the electrically charged floor in Stage Three.
  • Stay flat against the wall and you can inch past the rockets that lire out of the floor tiles in Stage Four.

Get Cracking

Crack Down probably won't be one of the Genesis' all-time greatest hits, but it deserves an honorable mention. The graphics and the tunes are pretty darn good, and the cool overhead scrolling is a nice change of pace from Sega's usual side-scrolling action game fare. The best thing of all, however, is that it's an excellent two-player adventure. Crack Down gets down!

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  • Levels: 5
  • Theme: Action
  • Players: 1-2
  • Difficulty: Average

The world's crime rate is increasing very rapidly day by day. Take a friend along as you travel through the city cleaning up the vermin lurking around the corners.

reggie posted a review

A mysterious artificial life system has landed on Earth and taken over. In desperation, the government decided to try out the military's Special Time Bomb in hopes that it's powerful enough to destroy the enemy headquarters. It's going to take a highly skilled agent (or agents in the two player setting) to successfully penetrate the building, plant the bombs, and get out of the room before you get blown up! Big, confusing and very heavily guarded, it's going to take cutting edge skills, not to mention guts, to find your way through the building's four mufti-roomed quadrants.

reggie posted a review

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