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Platform: Sega GenesisGenesis

Genres: Action, Flying, Shooting Games


Crossfire is a video game released in 1991 for Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. The game is an action one which combines a vertical shooter with a vertical scrolling game. The game was known back when released, but I don’t think it was ever considered a hit. Besides some flaws it has in the game engine, it features a bad English as well or, as many people call it nowadays, a bad Engrish.

The player can start the game by selecting one of the three available missions in the beginning of the game. There are a total of six missions all over the game, but the player can only choose form half of them the first time. The player can buy weapons, upgrades, bombs and armors for the helicopter he flies. He can also buy weapons or extra lives for the soldiers in the team. The prize for each mission is given in money. Reviews recommend playing the first thee hardest missions first, so with the prize money you will be able to buy the laser gun, which is a very big addition.

In the first level the player has to only fly around in the helicopter and blast everything around him. He has bombs and turbo boosts (which give temporary invincibility).

The player will also have to fight on the ground at some point in time and the controls and the game engine work very well here. The player can also shoot forward in the opposite direction and can also walk backward and shoot everything in front of him. There is also a button which calls the chopper.The end of this level is not very difficult. There is no boss to fight with. There are also few hostages to rescue and few more enemies to shot, but it should be quick and easy, you shouldn’t have problems dealing with it.

After the on-ground fighting scene, the game continues in the chopper. The end of this level has a boss, which the player will have to encounter to progress to the brief for the next stage.

Though the game is not impressive in this category, the graphics look OK for a Genesis game. There are cool effects throughout the action and most of them happen without a slowdown of the play.

The game was well received back in the 90s and was actually very cheap to buy as well. It was just a new type of shooter not many played before, but didn’t bring anything new to the industry. Users on GameFAQs rated the game with a total average of 6 out of 10.

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Known as Super Airwolf in Japan, this overhead view, vertical scrolling shooter packs constant enemy action in this 4 meg package. Good graphics and smooth scrolling.

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