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Platform: SNESSNES

Genres: Action, Platformer

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The future is now, and it's not a pretty picture. Earth's limited fossil fuel resources have finally run out. The Pacific States' Marine Corps has been hired to defend the last of the fossil fuel reserves. The problem is bad guys need gas, too, and they're willing to fight for it. Enter the Cybernators, a team of human-operated machines with a definite war-like attitude. This branch of the Corps is definitely looking for a few good mechanics.

Kick Some 'Bot

Cybernator by Konami is a side-scrolling, one- or two-player action/shooter that you're gonna have to see to believe. It sports incredibly hot game play for the SNES with cool graphic detail, gorgeous animated backgrounds, and bigger-than-life explosive action.

This game practically melts under the blistering pressure of your thumbs as you try to fly, walk, and shoot your way through the seven War Zones. Cybernator moves quickly, despite its bulk. The action is ferociously fast, making the stages seem a little short.

Cybernator's looks could kill. Take special note of the spectacular multidimensional graphics and animated backgrounds in the difficult outer space asteroid belt level. The explosions are huge, sometimes taking up half the screen and they add to the ultimate kill-or-be-killed feel of the game. The small details in this game are awesome, like the way the humans scurry around frantically after you beat their 'bot, or the way your gunfire digs small holes in the floor. Attention has also been paid to the sound, which wields some cool be-'bot tunes and crisp sound effects.


  • To run through the entire first level without taking much damage, repeatedly press Button B. Although you won't collect any weapon power-ups, your Cybernator will moonwalk through enemies faster than they can shoot him.
  • If you do decide to shoot it out on Level One, don't waste your ammo shooting at the green shielded 'bots. Instead, switch to punch and pull the old one-two on them.

Me and my Cybernator

Despite the fact that your Cybernator comes equipped with a heavy-duty arsenal, you'll find the challenge is as hard as A titanium, especially when you discover you've only got one life and three continues. Your Cybernator's working weapons are a Vulcan Rapid-Fire gun and a walloping Punch that dispatches most metal heads looking for trouble. During the game, snag power chips that increase your weapons' deadliness. There are also extra weapons to grab along the way, such as missiles. You can also blast all sorts of things, such as steroids and metal containers, to discover hidden power-ups, weapons, and life bonuses that help to keep you going. Additional defensive and offensive tools include the ability to fly for short distances and a shield you can activate to protect yourself from most objects.

Beware, your enemies will try to nail you by shooting underneath the edge of your shield.

Mechanical Mayhem

You think you don't need these deadly frills? Think again. All kinds of mechanical enemies are gunning for you. There are gun turrets and robot close encounters of the most deadly kind, all looking to put your suit in the shop. You also come up against mechanized boss 'bots at the end of each stage, who put the squeeze on your aluminum in a big way. You have to be all that you can be to keep ahead of the action. The dents that the enemies put in your armor are small, but they add up quickly. Always keep an eye on your health meter, and destroy anything destroyable in your search for health bonuses.

  • You can only activate your shield when you're standing on something solid. Don't try putting it up when you're airborne, or you'll collect an asteroid hit across the head that's guaranteed to hurt.
  • Avoid these flying mines. They take a mega dose of your health when they hit. Instead, by to jump over or run past them.
  • To beat the boss in Level Two, pick up missiles in the early part of the level, stand on this ledge, and fire your missiles until you run out of ammo. Then, switch to your Vulcan gun and fire away while you dodge and weave among the asteroids.
  • Destroy all these generators, and quickly walk through the explosions. When you hit the level where laser guns pop up, jump up quickly and try to skid your way through when you land.

Metal Mania

Cybernator is rust proof. There's no slowdown or glitchy sprite behavior. The game play is smooth and on target, and the control of the character is inhibited only by your reflexes. If your thumbs are up to the challenge, Cybernator delivers. It pulls you into its steely world and keeps you hooked until unleaded gas everywhere is free from enemy hands. This game definitely deserves a metal.

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New from Konami is Cybernator. an intense action cart set jn the futuristic battleground of Earth's war-torn orbit. It's mech-warfare madness, in a battle for control of the Earth's natural resources. As a young pilot, you are issued a heavily armed Assault Suit that is powerful and fast, but it offers little protection against the hordes of alien attackers. It'll take plenty of skill to control the power of the Cybernator!

People say:


This game is a Super NES update of the Genesis classic Target: Earth. But the game designers have done more than simply add new detail to the graphics. Many aspects of the game, play have also been enhanced, to create a game with plenty of technique to compliment the great graphics. A bit easy, but still fun.


This is one of those games which really shows how far the Super NES has come. The game is very intense, with excellent graphics and sounds. Game play and technique are major factory here as this is not a game for the inexperienced. Not an easy game but when you beat it you know you've accomplished something.


I like this cart a lot. The graphics are very well done, with extreme detail in each level. The backgrounds even take damage from your stray shots. The music and sounds are also impressive, The game play has loads of technique and just enough challenge, to keep you playing. Needs more power-ups and longer levels.


The Super NES really shows its stuff in this game! The soundtrack is really kickin', and it's easy to get lost in the beat. Graphically, it uses astounding detail and colors. The Mode 7 explosions need work, however, and the control is a little choppy at first. If a sequel is ever made, it will be a hot item!

reggie posted a review
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