a game by Saffire Corporation

Platform: Nintendo 64Nintendo 64

Genre: Sports

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Mario Golf
Forget buying expensive golf gear--Mario brings the game to you. Mario Golf features four complete 18-hole courses, 11 golfers, and precise play control. Create your own golfer and build up his or her experience and skill levels by competing in various tournaments and head-to-head matches. The more you play, the stronger and more accurate your golfer becomes. There are many different modes of play in Mario Golf, including a wide variety of minigames designed to challenge even the most level-headed swingers.
Virtual Pool 64
The ultra-real physics make Virtual Pool 64 as close to real pool as it gets! Choose from 9 types of pool including favorites like 9-Ball, Straight Pool, 8-Ball and One Pocket. Three levels of difficulty: Amateur, Professional and Championship. Master trick shots, learn a new game or challenge hundreds of computer opponents in exciting tournament play.
True Golf: Wicked 18
True Golf: Wicked 18 (known in Japan as Devil's Course) is a Super NES and 3DO golfing game that takes place on the hardest simulated golf course in the world. The object is to guide the golf ball through nearly impossible obstacles as the player tries to

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