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Platform: SNESSNES

Genre: Shooting Games

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The use of the Super NES's special mode 7 has yet to be used as well as it is in Asmik's new D-Force! In D-Force you guide a specially designed heli through relentless levels of attacking warships, monsters and even dinosaurs! You even operate in three dimensions with control over your altitude as well as your position on the screen during battle!

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Dimension Force is a new overhead shooter for the Super NES from Asmik. The game takes advantage of the special graphics modes of the Super NES. Very intense helicopter shooting action.

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D Force, a.k.a. Dimensional Force, is a vertical scrolling video game released in 1991 that allows you, as the player, to take action guiding an Apache helicopter in defeating the enemy dictator in the Middle East. This game has seven levels and some involving exchanging altitude in order to battle enemies from a greater distance. Enjoy battling enemies in six various countries in this 1-megabit Cartridge game. This single-player shooter game, developed and published by Asmik, is compatible with Super Nintendo Entertainment System platforms.

reggie posted a review
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