David Crane's Amazing Tennis

a game by Absolute, and David Crane

Platforms: Sega GenesisGenesisSNESSNES

Genre: Sports

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  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Available: May
  • Theme: Sports

Tennis Anyone?

After making its debut on the Super NES, David Crane's Amazing Tennis has finally appeared on the Genesis!

Choose the type of court that you would like to play on. Select from grass, clay and hard court surfaces.

If you choose tournament play, you will have a chance at over a dozen internationally ranked players. Play alone or against a friend; either way you'll definitely have your hands full! Practice up on those serves and backhands because David Crane's Amazing Tennis will be bouncing into stores everywhere!

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With features like incredible graphics and true-to-life sound, you'd expect David Crane's Amazing Tennis by Absolute to blow other tennis games off the court. Unfortunately, however, once you get past the amazing light and sound show, Amazing Tennis is amazingly shallow.

Love at First Sight

Amazing Tennis has impressive features. The graphics are fantastic. It uses a unique playing perspective, showing all game play from behind and slightly above one player. The character sprites are larger and more detailed than you'd expect from a sports game. From the near court, you actually leave the ground on powerful serves. When you hit the ball crosscourt, your foot drags for balance.

The sound capabilities are outstanding. Digital samplings of an umpire's voice sound off realistically after every point. If you whack the ball hard enough, you'll hear it hit the chain link fence. If you hit your opponent squarely, he'll let out an "umph!"

Some of the game play is great. You can choose between four different strokes: a soft slice, a hard topspin, a lob, or a dropshot. With the joypad, you can also control the direction you hit the ball.

ProTip: Throw your opponent's I timing off with a lob shot.

Break Point

With all of this detail, it's hard to imagine that Amazing Tennis is anything but amazing. Unfortunately, the game skimps on game play.

After playing your first game on the near court, it seems as though you've netted a winning game. However, once you change ends and play on the far end of the court, it's nearly impossible to judge the distance from your player to the ball. In some tennis games, you can judge the height of the ball by the size of its shadow. In Amazing Tennis, the net obstructs the view of the far court, making it difficult to judge the ball.

For a Killer Serve, press B and tap the directional pad in the direction diagonally opposite to the side you are serving into.

When you run your character to make a saving shot, you inevitably hit the ball off the court because your joypad is pointed in that direction. Timing your serves drives you crazy. You'll need plenty of practice.

Rush the net and volley the ball. The risk is almost always rewarded with a point in your favor.

Image Is Everything

This game is worth checking out for its graphics and sound capabilities alone, but don't expect to be intrigued with its playability. This game makes tennis an amazing challenge.

reggie posted a review

From an amazing 3-D perspective, you and a partner can enjoy round after round of intense tennis on grass, clay, or concrete courts.

reggie posted a review

Have you ever wanted to master the game of tennis, nail the perfect serve, or brag about your amazing backhand? Well you can enter a world where all of this is possible just by playing David Crane’s Amazing Tennis. In this power packed tennis game, you can learn the ins and outs of tennis from the comfort of your own living room without ever setting foot on a court. The game allows you to compete against fifteen different opponents that are computer controlled which will help you to improve with every stroke. You can decide between varied modes of game play to suit your every mood. Increase your skills as you progress in the game by learning a multitude of tennis strokes and ways to make your shot. Developed by Atlus Software, this skill building tennis adventure is a one or two player capacity game. Since its release in 1992, it has been compatible with SNES and Sega Genesis gaming platforms.

reggie posted a review

This game is a tennis emulator. Not that amazing but not bad either. It's possible to start a new season or a single match. You view the court from behind the player. The controls are easy enough but do require several skills.

reggie posted a review
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